A Letter from William

I came across the 31 Club less than a year ago while searching the internet for a legitimate business opportunity that didn't cost a fortune to try. Since I had retired recently I was looking to supplement my income and at the same time find something I could enjoy in my spare time. After reviewing the club's website I decided to purchase Daryle Lambert's book titled "31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles" that was reasonably priced at $19.95 that also entitled me to membership in the Club and free consultation with Mr. Lambert.

After reading over the book I only wished I had known Daryle 20 years ago instead of wasting my time in failed real estate ventures, speculative stocks and other "pie in the sky" opportunities. The internet is loaded with phony get rich schemes that only make money for the promoter, so I was pleasantly surprised after having a chance to talk by phone with Daryle to learn more about the Club and the benefits of becoming a member.

If one just follows the guidelines laid out in the book you have a good chance of being successful and at the same time having fun in your search for treasure. But the book is just the tip of the iceberg when considering the other advantages when becoming a member. Daryle is extremely accessible seven days a week to answer your questions concerning potential value before making a purchase that could cost you money you can't afford to lose. He is also very good at responding to e-mails on a timely basis. Sometimes an e-mail with a photo attached of a painting or piece of art glass can be very effective in getting Daryle's feedback on the value of an item.

Another feature of being a member is the invaluable information contained in Daryle's daily blog which is published seven days a week 365 days a year. Topics vary, but are always helpful in what to look for such as current trends, what's hot, good spots to buy, how to spot fakes or damaged goods, good reference guides, etc. Daryle is also good at recommending other websites if he thinks they can be useful in providing further education or where needed tools can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Perhaps the most amazing benefit of membership is the ability to share in ownership and profits of items purchased by Daryle which have been located by the member but due to the price was unable to afford the purchase. I currently share ownership in a painting that is listed for sale in an upcoming auction at Christie’s in New York City. My share if sold will be 35% of the profit after costs. Not bad for no dollars invested on my part.

For anyone considering membership just realize that it takes very little investment to get started in this fun activity where the only thing you need is knowledge and Daryle certainly provides that for practically nothing.




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