Josh's Kid Collection Questions

Here are some of the questions that people have asked Josh:

Q: What type of things do you collect and where did you find them?

Good question! I have a bunch of different collections. My favorite is my race car collection. I also collect coins, toy guns, and cool books.

A: Joshua, it looks lonely in here. Where are the Junior Collectors? - Dad

I don't think their parents are showing them how to get here. I would like to talk to the kids about their collection and maybe give them ideas to make their collections better.

Q: Here is a letter from one of our members!

Hi Josh

I'm a member of the 31Club & your dad is one heck of a great guy!
I love your collections. I noticed you collect Little League son Michael is 13 and he played in Cooperstown NY this past August for their final little league championship games. He even had a two run homerun to tie a game, they eventually won, it was very exciting! He got to keep the homerun ball too! He collected many pins from kids all over the country.... and one coach from Hawaii gave him a wooden beaded turtle necklace in exchange for one of his pins. So cool! I bet you'll get to play there when you get a little older too. Little league is so much fun, do you play baseball?

We have a couple of extra pins from his team Milton American Wildcats (Massachusetts). I'd love to send you one to add to your collection.

Please send me an address and I'll ship one off to you. You sure are lucky to have a dad teaching you all of these wonderful life lessons at such a young age. And I bet it is a lot of fun learning too. I try to do the same thing. My son came on a 3 day buying trip with me last May to Brimfield Flea Market (Brimfield, MA) outdoor flea market with antiques, collectibles and some junk...and hundreds of dealers from around the country. We had a lot of fun.

He hasn't caught the collecting bug yet but I'm working on him. : )))) He did help me negotiate a deal by offering some miniature Reese's cups (in addition to a few dollars) for some Capo-di-monte Italian Porcelain candleholders. We had a good laugh over that!

Anyway keep on collecting... and be a sponge - absorb all your dad has to teach you... you are blessed to have such a great family.

Bye for now
Cathy Collins

Footbridge Cove Collectibles

A: Hi Mrs. Collins,

I am so sorry that I could not talk to you earlier. I was really busy this weekend. I played soccer and was at church for most of the time. I would love a pin.for my collection. I don't play baseball yet but I hope I will next year. You must be very proud of your son. What do you think that your son would like to collect?


Q: Here is a letter from a young collector!

Hi Josh

I am Elijah Wooten. I am 7-years old. Do you know how many collections you have?

A: Hi Elijah

I have eight collections. Baseball cards, racing stuff, coins, rocks, snow globes, pokeman cards, stuffed animals and my favorite trains. What do you collect? Did you see my page? If I can help you collect, email me.

God Bless



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