A Letter from Kurt

Dear Daryle,

Let me first say "Thank you!" for your inspiration and encouragement with regards to antiquing. Your book is a wealth of resource to which I greatly appreciate.

Two weeks ago I went with my father-in-law a few miles down the road to a friends antique barn. This man has thousands of items packed into his barn. Granted, most of the stuff is junk, however I thought there could be a treasure somewhere. I've been to this place a few times in the past but was never really searching for treasure. Well, this time I was determined to find something, but would keep the rules in mind. During my browsing, I came across a small display case. In it I saw a toy Donald Duck riding a tricycle wagon. It was made of tin and the pictures on the side of the wagon were definitely early Disney. Remembering your blog about how popular tin toys made in Japan were, I asked to look at the toy. The toy was in very good condition and on the bottom it read Line Mar and Japan. I asked the man how much he wanted for the toy. He said he couldn't take less than $25. I told him I would think about it. As the man and my father-in-law went on discussing other things, I went out to the truck and looked up the item in my Kovels price guide. I found a similar item for $112. I thought that I could probably make $70-80, thus staying within my goal. I went back in and asked the man if he would take $15. He said "No, but I'll take $20." So I bought the toy. Well, I listed the toy on eBay on Thursday. I checked the price on Friday and it was $26. I thought, "At least I'll make my money back." and left it at that.

Things completely changed yesterday evening. We were at my in-laws and I thought that I would go on-line and check the price. To my utter shock, the price was $280! The whole family felt like we won the lottery!

I just checked the price this morning and it's up to $327, and we still have 3 days left! Well, I didn't mean to write a book. I just wanted you to know how appreciative I am in your encouragement and information. I'm so excited about what other treasures are just hidden around the corner!

Your Friend,

Kurt Meadors



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