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The preparation for our mountain trip is proceeding quite well and with the GPS on my phone I feel assured that we won't get lost. But just a couple of years ago I was so proud of the new GPS (ground positioning system) that I purchased, each trip became a new adventure without all the double backs. But my question now is what to do with my old system?

Yes I believe the old GPS's will be come collectibles but it may be just a little early for them to really take off in price. Here is what I would do.The old systems will be considered worthless by most people and they will appear in garage and house sales for practically nothing. If they can be purchased for under $5 and sold for up to $100 to collectors that isn't all bad. But here is a tip. Set one out of every two or three that you purchase back in a box to hold for a while. One day you will find those that you set back selling for hundreds of dollars. This is a case of where you will be ahead of the trend but making money while you wait for others to catch up.

Most people in the antique and collectible business are only looking back at what has been to make money, but what I want to teach you is that looking forward can also prove to be profitable. In many cases as I began dealing in a new product, after taking out the profit I needed, I would build a large collection for myself. To give you two examples, my porcelain dogs and Griswold cast iron collections were sold for many thousands of dollars when I thought the time was right. Both collections had cost me nothing and you remember, everything I have is for sale at a price. With these two collection there were people willing to pay my price so they both were sold to an individual collector.

When you finally decide it is time to sell what you have set aside for later, it is like getting a huge bonus and your bank account taking a huge step forward. This often will take you several steps in your “31 Steps to Your Millions.”

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