Art by the Numbers Can Produce Big Profits

What do I mean, art by the numbers? I don't mean those paintings that you buy where the canvas is numbered and you fill in the blanks. No, I mean the number of steps you must go through before the value of any painting can be set.

There are at least 5 steps that must be taken before you purchase a painting and the first is to identify the artist. This is where being a member of the “Daryle Lambert Antique and Collectibles Club“ comes into play. The information on listed artists can be found on several websites but they are expensive to join. However, you can receive this knowledge free just by being a member of the Club. Here is how that works. You may email the name of an artist or send a copy of the signature and our staff will research that name free for you.

If your artist is found to be listed, the next step is to establish a price for the piece and this is done by comparing it to other works by that artist. Our staff will make these comparisions for you by studing the composition, size and method use for the painting (oil, watercolor or pastel). Now you need to establish if there is damage or restoration work needed to make the painting salable.

Perhaps the most important in valuing a painting is to prove that it is the real thing and often that takes quiet a bit of work. I personally believe that up to 50% of paintings I see or fakes or reproductions.

The final step is being able to realize where the best market for the painting would be. Once I had a painting that I showed to all the auction houses in Chicago and their estimates were in a range of $30,000 - $40,000. I did a study and found the best market for this painting was New York where it brought $115,000.

The club will work through all these steps with you and may also be willing to put your painting in our Associates program. I hope to hear from many of our members with names of artists to research.

1. Is the artist listed?
2. Look at comps.
3. Is there damage to the painting?
4. Establish if the painting is real?
5. Best market for the painting.

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