Baseball Cards are they back?


It is no news that for the last few years baseball cards have been at the bottom of the barrel when it came to collector value but is that changing? I happened to run into the proprietor of the Gizo's Sportscards Company and he was looking through hundreds of cards for him to evaluate.


Meeting Mr. Gidding's gave me an opportunity to pick his brain and I have to admit I was surprised by some of his answers. It seems that the list of licensed dealers in cards has shrunk for thousands to 700 or so of which he is one. Mr. Gidding's informed me he was not only a dealer but an avid collector of cards.


My first question was can a person still make money buying baseball cards and with out hesitation he said certainly as long as he deals in the right merchandise. My follow up was what is the merchandise? It seems that card produced before 1969 are what you should be looking for. No, not all of these earlier card carry a big premium but your chances are much greeter of finding a treasure with cards before 1969.


Mr. Gidding's got my attention when he offered $1250 for one card and purchases a set of three cards for $225. When most later common cards as they are know still bring less than .01 still the number of cards now commanding a premium seems to be on the increase.


Here is what I would suggest. If you run into a collection of cards the have a good percentage of earlier ones make an offer for the whole lot and you should always be okay. Mr. Gidding's told me that he had just purchased over 300,000 at about .0025 each. I feel certain this will prove to be a great buy for him.


The one thing that Mr. Gidding's stressed was that damage on a card made it for all practical purposes worthless. Now may be the time to put baseball cards back in your wish list.

Last Updated (Friday, 16 September 2011 10:44)



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