Modern coins can be true treasuries

Do coins have to be old to bring a fortune? This is the question that I am often asked when talking about coins and the answer is no. However to benefit from the contemporary great coins you have to be very knowledgeable.


Here is a story that was just posted in my Numismatic News. New world record was paid for a 1975 S Roosevelt dime in MS 68 condition. This dime is just over 35 years old but are you ready for this, it sold for $349,000 at a ANA at Stack's Bowers Galleries in Chicago. My question is why haven't I found one of these and the answer might surprise you, if I had I wouldn't have know it because I am still learning myself. The auction at the Stack's Bowers Gallery sold over $40,000,000 in coins and currency and part of that could have been yours if you had devoted yourself to learning the values of modern coins.


To really gain from the exploding prices for coin you must study, study and study some more. But can your study pay off I will let you be the judge of that. I am putting together a set of mercury dimes in MS 66 or better condition and hope to give them to Josh some day for him to buy a house with. This set will cost probably $200,000 but I hope not to have any investment in mine because I am paying for it with the profits I make on the sell of other coins.


The first thing that you must have to find the value of coins is a guide and I use the official red book. It is titled A Guide Book of United States Coin and this book can be found on Amazon or at any coin story.


I am looking to buy coin collections and would be willing to partner with any member to share purchases with.


Last Updated (Saturday, 17 September 2011 12:52)



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