Daum Nancy

Daum Nancy

Warning Daum Nancy is being is being reproduced today. The real Daum is perhaps my favorite glass and I look to purchase it at every opportunity.

If you run across a piece of Daum and don't feel confident to say whether it is real or not don't pay for the piece until you have had an expert say it is real. I know of horror stories where a person has paid thousands of dollars for a piece only to find it is a reproduction or fake.

However if you find a real piece of Daum there is usually money to be made. The real Daum will have what you would call patina and it looks velvety while the newer pieces are usually stark in appearance.

A lady is bringing me a large vase tomorrow that i hope to purchase and it is 15 inches tall. If I can purchase this vase at the right price I should be able to double my money easily but knowing me it would be hard to depart with it. Shame on me we are in the business of making money right but in the book I say it is okay to sit a piece aside now and then. By the way this wonderful glass is produced in France.

Remember when purchasing Daum the miniatures often are more expensive the the regular pieces unless they are very large. Scenic pieces bring huge money but be sure they are real. A great book for any glass buyer or seller is " Glass Art Nouveau to Art Deco " by Victor Arwas. There may be a copy used on Amazon.

Again this would be a great time to visit eBay and look at all types of Daum and what the prices are.

I am sorry that I can print pictures now but I am trying to figure out how to use my software so that I will have pictures on the blogs.

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