It has been going on 4 years since this country decided to take the chance on a new and unproven leader named Barrack Obama. At the time I wrote his memorabilia would become very valuable but now four years later is that true?

My predictions will only prove out if he is re-elected because his first four years have been so disappointing.
The value of most items bearing his name have actually dropped in value after the people turned against his health care program.

I still feel that because he is the countries first negro president that for historical reasons item of his will become extremely value but that might take many years.

However now that his popularity has dropped it may be time to again to invest in his signed books or other items that have his signature attached. Also watch for new posters or campaign items that may escalate if he is successful this campaign period.

It is my personal opinion that the experiment has failed and we need a leader that doesn't leave all this countries decisions to the radical left but that is just me and if there is money to be made from Obama we should take advantage of it.

A collection of Obama items including two year books is listed for $15,000 while a copy of " Dreams From My Father " is listed at $12,500. You can purchase a " Hope " poster for $10,000 and a baseball signed Obama for $5000. These are the types of items we should be searching for in this election year.

Last Updated (Saturday, 28 April 2012 11:28)



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