World War II

(13) 1950's Vintage Lead; U.S. Marine Soldiers (Made in England)


Have you notices how much interest the young men and women today have in items from the II World War. They want to know who their grandparents were and if they participated in the war.

Young people today are interested in our country when it stood for something. There were morals, faith and honor but these things seem un-important today. My 13 year old son is totally involved in the military and already serves in Civil Air Patrol.

I am having more fun than a person should be able to have by working with Josh in his chosen career choice. We have purchased may items from World War II 
the latest being a MI rifle.

The soldiers above will sell for over $250 and at that price they would be a bargain. Items from the war can be found at most house and garage sales and they should be priced reasonably.

You will find uniforms, metals, toys, posters and many other items that should be purchased from the war because the collectors are waitint to purchase them from you. I find it is no trouble to double my money on the war items and often I will make triple or more on my investment.

There are many war posters listed on eBay that will bring $3500 or more, but be sure that they are the real thing and not a repo.

Show people you remember when America was the envy of the world, but no more, we are only made fun of by people that think we have become weak. Stand Up For America.

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