1893 Columbian Expo.

Exceptional Condition 1893 Columbian Expo Copeland Spode Chicago Pitcher

1893 Columbian Expo

We are always trying to find treasure that others don't recognize and often it is found far from where it was made. This is true of Chicago made items especially items from the 1893 Columbian Expo. held in Chicago.

I have located this same pitcher as the one pictured in another state and this weekend I hope to purchase it for a bargain price. It has sold for $600 in blue but up to $1000 in different colors.

Knowing what will bring big money in your area can equate to finding treasures that other have no knowledge of and this can put big bucks in your pocket. This happens to me often because I search the antique papers looking for items that don't belong where they are located but if I can purchase them reasonably then sell those items in the right location it often sends me to the bank.

What is your area known for? This is a great place for you to begin your search. I once purchased a painting in California for $1000 that today should bring $40,000. No one in California knew anything about Kentucky artist but I did.

I am not hearing from many of you so it is hard to give you help in find the treasures that will get you through the 31 Steps we want to complete.

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