Russian Urns


I will not have a picture today but my story of the auction should hold your interest. As you know I was attending a auction all weekend and I did manage to purchase a few items. This auction was in Elgin Il at Bunte's.

My first purchase was a Longwy Lamp that was advertised as only a oil lamp and my next purchase was possible my best a art glass vase. But my purchases aren't the story of the day. There was a pair of Russian Urns that had a pre-auction estimate of $3000 which seemed fair but I wasn't interested at that price so they had very little interest for me.

The bidding started off rather slow but did climb as there seemed to be several bidders. The price quickly pasted the estimate but didn't even slow down. At $20,000 you could hear people saying, " What's happening." Little did they know because at $30,000 all heads were turning and the final bid was near $50,000.

My question is why this doesn't happen to me but then I realize it has and many times. My hope is that you will be writing me soon telling your story about an item that sold for a much greater price than you anticipated.

The lesson to be learned here is you may buy an item knowing you will double your money but that doesn't mean that it can't bring far more than you thought.

Happy days, yes happy days when this happens.

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