The Value of a Penny

1921 S Lincoln Cent Penny NEAR GEM BU++ ** LOVELY RED BROWN SURFACES!!!

What is this penny worth?

Do I have a story for you. A few months ago I purchased a collection of coins and there was several books on Lincoln penny's included. After giving the books a good going over there were a few that I thought were worth sending off for grading. Two of those coins were a 1921 and 1925 Lincoln penny. 

I had almost forgotten about them when my friend at the coin store called and said they had been received and could be picked up.

Since I had only a few penny's invested I really didn't take it as a priority to hurry and claim them. But after I arrived at the store I was handed the coins and to my surprise they graded MS 64 and 65. Still I wasn't excited until I looked them up in the price guide. Are you ready, they are worth about $200 each. Now I would say the was a wise investment of a few cents.

Remember when I said always try to buy your items in groups. By buying the coin collection as a group my cost for the ungraded coins was not much more than face value but when $30 was spent for a graded the valve of the coin can be elevated many, many times as you can see here,  

During this period where most Collectibles and Antiques are struggling to stay ahead  of their cost coins can be great treasures for you to find.

Those little blue books that children and adults put their coins in back from 1945 till today may hold treasures that you could only imagine so when visiting house and garage sales be on the lookout for them. 



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