Sterling Silver

British Silver Classic Form Fruit Bowl Vase Birmingham 1925 35.5 Oz

Sterling silver Bowl

It is still happening. Silver selling at below spot price on the open market. I am seeing dealers buying great pieces of sterling at below the spot price and I simply can't understand it.

Just the other day I saw a woman bring in a piece of silver to sell and she let it go for $75 which was about $15 an ounce. I figured the value of this intricate piece at $500 or more. After scratching my head I ask the dealer if he would take $125 for the piece and he said, " Sure." I know that today it is best to turn things you own for a quick profit but not at those discounts, it just doesn't make sense.

So here is my recommendation. Anything that has any character at all that can be purchased for under spot price buy it. 
You can't go wrong.

The piece in the picture is priced at $1600 but only has about $500 plus ounces of silver in it so this would be a definite buy if you had the opportunity. This is like finding money so why turn it away.

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Roseville Pottery

Item image

Roseville Pottery
Is it headed higher?

In my opinion the better pieces of Roseville are definitely headed higher but they have a long ways to go if they are to reach their peak again. The same can't be said for the lower or medium priced pieces of Roseville and they should be avoided unless purchased for a song.

The Baneda wall pocket pictured above just sold on eBAy for $2024.99 which is approaching the high that I remember.Also patterns such as Sunflower, Falline, Cherry Blossom and Ferella are starting to command prices that they did before the crash. I don't believe this is the time to jump in and purchase very piece of Roseville you see but by being selective there is money to be made with the right pieces. Be slow to move and selective those are the words for today.

Do not forget our goal to purchase items at 25% of what we think their retail value is so that even discounted we will hit our mark of doubling our money.

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GLIDDEN POTTERY VASE Fong Chow Gulfstream Blue Artware Mid Century Teardrop

Glidden Pottery

 I am continually on the lookout for items to buy that others will pass by. Often those items look to modern or cheap so they aren't investigated by the treasure hunter. Glidden pottery falls into the class of items that just don't look expensive.

However you have heard that old saying " Looks can be deceiving." Cecil my friend in Kentucky purchased a Glidden vase for just a few dollars, put it on eBay and watched as its price climb above $200. When you make 10 to 20 times your money on an item that is finding a treasure.

Going to my favorite resource site eBay I found that there are many Glidden items that will meet or exceed our rules for buying. They may not be your taste in pottery but remember we aren't buying for our selves and it seem there are lot of folks that think Glidden is fantastic.

Take a look for yourself and see if there are dollars for you to make by purchasing Glidden?

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Fire King Glassware

Fire King Pitcher

The older you get the more you learn. In all my days I would have never thought that I would be writing a blog on Fire King. In my mind it has always been at the low end of collecting but I guess I was wrong.

After doing a some research on a house sale I did for my friend the Fire King set that we sold is on eBay for almost $500. Needless to say we didn't get anything near that for our set. However while checking I ran across many pieces of this glass that are selling for big prices.

The pitcher featured is priced at $2500 and it is going to sell. There are many other items listed on the eBay site that you should familiarize yourself with. There is oney to be made with this ware even in a depressed market.

Fire King who would have thought.


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Antiques and Collectibles no longer have value

Where Is the Value Today ?

When everyone is saying the the Antique and Collectible markets will never recover you should be aware that a new bull markets is fixing to began. I always tell my reader that the trend is their friend and in this case I believe the trend is beginning to turn upward.

The change of direction in markets starts  slowly and then accelerates quickly. The top of the markets are the first to feel the change and it may take quiet a while for the lower end of markets to catch up.

My suggestion to you is started looking for items that a few years ago you would have considered high end like Tiffany, Stueben, Lalique, Galle and Daum glass. The same can be said far Grueby, Newcomb, Rookwood and George Orr pottery. I am finding that often today I can purchase these items for 30% or less then I would have just five years ago. I am no longer afraid to inventory the high end items because I think that values will only go up from here.

I just purchase the Daum vase that I shared with you for $1000 an be assured this vase would have been valued at $3500 or more in past years even though today that was a fair offer.

Putting your money in top end Antiques and Collectibles today is far better than money in the bank and they will start you on your completion of our goad and that is completing the 31 Steps.

I haven't heard from many of you so I have no idea who I am reaching out to but hopefully there are people that are reading the blogs and beginning their change of life.


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