31   Steps

It is that time again. We need to shake the snow or sand from our shoes and begin the 31 STEPS to success that will fulfill our dreams.

The summer is on its way and the doors of opportunity will be opening with garage sales and estates sales going on every weekend. The papers will be filled with treasures for us to buy and people will begin to feel the sun so their buying appetite will bring you the buyers for your treasures.

I think that I may start a sample inventory of a $100 along with you so that there will be no doubt that our system works if we work it. All our members should sit a goal for themselves to be completed this year. My goal will be to complete 8 steps this year which will be $25,600. Hopefully I will do even better. Will you pledge to follow me?

I would appreciate if some of the members would email me as to where they are in the 31 Steps and also some of their success stories to be shared.

If you are a new member that has questions about the sets please email me and I will contact you as soon as possible. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 847-784-8544

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It has been going on 4 years since this country decided to take the chance on a new and unproven leader named Barrack Obama. At the time I wrote his memorabilia would become very valuable but now four years later is that true?

My predictions will only prove out if he is re-elected because his first four years have been so disappointing.
The value of most items bearing his name have actually dropped in value after the people turned against his health care program.

I still feel that because he is the countries first negro president that for historical reasons item of his will become extremely value but that might take many years.

However now that his popularity has dropped it may be time to again to invest in his signed books or other items that have his signature attached. Also watch for new posters or campaign items that may escalate if he is successful this campaign period.

It is my personal opinion that the experiment has failed and we need a leader that doesn't leave all this countries decisions to the radical left but that is just me and if there is money to be made from Obama we should take advantage of it.

A collection of Obama items including two year books is listed for $15,000 while a copy of " Dreams From My Father " is listed at $12,500. You can purchase a " Hope " poster for $10,000 and a baseball signed Obama for $5000. These are the types of items we should be searching for in this election year.

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Daum Nancy

Daum Nancy

Warning Daum Nancy is being is being reproduced today. The real Daum is perhaps my favorite glass and I look to purchase it at every opportunity.

If you run across a piece of Daum and don't feel confident to say whether it is real or not don't pay for the piece until you have had an expert say it is real. I know of horror stories where a person has paid thousands of dollars for a piece only to find it is a reproduction or fake.

However if you find a real piece of Daum there is usually money to be made. The real Daum will have what you would call patina and it looks velvety while the newer pieces are usually stark in appearance.

A lady is bringing me a large vase tomorrow that i hope to purchase and it is 15 inches tall. If I can purchase this vase at the right price I should be able to double my money easily but knowing me it would be hard to depart with it. Shame on me we are in the business of making money right but in the book I say it is okay to sit a piece aside now and then. By the way this wonderful glass is produced in France.

Remember when purchasing Daum the miniatures often are more expensive the the regular pieces unless they are very large. Scenic pieces bring huge money but be sure they are real. A great book for any glass buyer or seller is " Glass Art Nouveau to Art Deco " by Victor Arwas. There may be a copy used on Amazon.

Again this would be a great time to visit eBay and look at all types of Daum and what the prices are.

I am sorry that I can print pictures now but I am trying to figure out how to use my software so that I will have pictures on the blogs.

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Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby

Yesterday I wrote about items that could be picked up for a song. Yes there is money to be made there, however other items that sell at higher prices should always be considered also.

Today I want to give you an assignment. Go to eBay an search for Derby Glasses. Look at the highest priced ones first.You will find the 1940 glass listed at $15,000 and the 1939 bid at $1675. A 1940 glass just sold for $7500 and it was a bargain. I personally have sold two 1940 glasses for over $12,500 with the help of my friend Cecil in Kentucky. The one listed at $15,000 is fully priced but the 1939 at $1675 still has room for a profit since it list for $5700.

But your assignment is to look at all the Kentucky Derby glasses so that you will recognize them if they cross you path at a sale not just the two mentioned. All Derby Glasses can make you money so be sure you have the knowledge to know what they are worth.

Other items like programs, pins, photographs and posters from the Derby are also collected. This blog takes me back to my roots since I raced horses for many years.

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I'm Back But Where Are We Going?


It is time that we start over after my little rest. But I will need your help in doing blogs that will bring success to my readers.
It may well be advised that you re-read my book " 31 Steps to Your Millions " before we begin. If you don't own it please purchase a copy on Amazon.

Remember we are going to compound the money we start with and my suggestion is that it should be $100. This money should be put in a new bank account from funds you have or by having a garage sale or selling something that you have set back for such needs.

What will we be doing may be your question and the answer is buying and selling anything that will produce us a profit of that least 100%. I do mean anything.

You have the book for reference and the money needed to start on your treasure hunt so what is next? Garage Sales and more Garage Sales are the targets. Go to and find all the up coming sales in your area. Then make your list so that you don't waste time while out on the hunt.

Over the next few days I will be giving you ideas for items that will meet our needs. First toys even, if they are new, that still have their box will always bring a premium. I pick these toys up for just a couple of dollars and they sell on eBay for $10 or more.

Old tin wind-up toys can bring big bucks and the same with the old rubber ones. But don't think that just because they are made of plastic they have no value, I have found ones that I purchased for $2 that sold for over $50.

It shouldn't be difficult to spend you whole $100 on toys your first time out and you are on your way.

For me to continue blogging it will be vital that my reader communicate with me so that I may continue to help them.

My email is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and the phone is 847-784-8544.

I only wish to work with persons that can see themselves wealthy so if that isn't you my blogs will be of little help to you.

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