Why would knowing the meaning of these three make you money? Yes, they do pertain to coins but you should ask which ones. The secret is knowing that these are conditions on Dimes, Nickels and Half Dollars that can fatten your pocket book.


If you find a Mercury dime be sure to look at the reverse because in the center of the dime are two bands that hold a bundle of rods together. If these bands are complete and the space between them is divided these coin can have special value. In the case of the 1945 dime if these bands are ,what is called full bands, the coin will be worth thousands of dollars. Can you imagine that?


Next is the Nickel that you should examine because on the back of these coins there is a picture of the building Monticello. If the stairs on these coins are complete the valve jumps to prices you wouldn't imagine. Also on on some of the nickels they are called 3 legged nickels because the mold got jammed an the second leg on the buffalo disappeared. These are extremely valuable.


Now for the final coin the half dollar. On the back of the Franklin half dollar is the Liberty Bell and at its bottom of the bell are two bands if they are complete you have found a treasure. These are just a sampling of special rarities that can still be found in your pocket change.


There are a set of books called Cherry Pickers Guide that list and show most of the rarities in American coins and I highly recommend them being purchased because they will make you money.


Happy hunting.

Last Updated (Thursday, 16 February 2012 09:11)


1945 Coins Should Be For You

I was born in 1941 but when my father returned from the war I still remember his officers uniform. Yes I was just 4 years old but his return made a very large impression on me. But only if my father had known he could have purchased a roll of 1945 half dollars and today percentage wise it my have been the greatest investment he every made. You see all 1945 silver coins in high grades command huge premiums today.These coins include the half dollar, quarter and dime. There wasn't a silver dollar minted in 1945.

Dad would have paid $10 for that roll of half dollars, but are you ready for this, today a 1945 D half dollar in mint condition is listed on eBay at $6995. That would have meant that Dad's investment would have returned him $139,900 today. But it doesn't stop there because the 1945 S is listed at $5499.

If he had the fore sight he could have also purchased a quarter or dime while he was at it. The 1945 quarter in MS state is listed for $2500 while the dime in MS 64 is listed at $4500. For a $100 spent in 1945 you could nearly retire today.

Your question must be why is this true? The answer to that question is that the war had just ended and it seems that not much attention was spent at the mints on quality control. In the case of the dime, on the reverse there is a bundle of rods that contain an axe and they are bound together by bands. If these bands in the middle of the bundle are split and in mint condition it will make those dimes worth thousands.

Let's not leave out the lowly 1945 nickel. On the reverse there is a picture on monticello and if the steps are mint this coin is listed at $3000 in MS 67 state.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 18 January 2012 11:39)


Lalique Holding It's Own

The larger Lalique pieces seem to be holding their value more than most items. I was just ask about the 9 3/4 inch Bacchantes vase  that is decorated with nudes that are held up by the god Dionysus. He is the god of wine and I saw where it sold for $2100 on eBay. If that vase had been in the amber color it would have brought $4800. Here the great thing for us, if I were offering to purchase this piece my highest offer would more than likely come in under $750. Usually the higher the price of an item the more you will be able to discount it.

Some markets seen to be firming up and Lalique may well be one of those. The larger pieces of Lalique and ones with color seem to be doing the best. Don't be afraid to make low offers for the frosted Lalique because most sellers of these pieces will accept 1/3 of what you should be able to sell them for.

Often when you visit a house the owners of upscale homes will have several pieces of Lalique and if you bundle your offer it should increase the amount of profit you receive when they are sold.

Here is where the real treasures might show up, if you run across one or more pieces of Rene Lalique, now we are talking about thousands of dollars. To educate yourself I would suggest you visit eBay an
look at all the listings for Lalique, both new and completed, When scanning eBay always start with the highest listing first. 

Last Updated (Friday, 13 January 2012 12:11)


Member Hits It Big

My home number it back after almost a month. Now I have to fight with ATT about the bill. 847-784-8544

About the time I think that our members have forgotten about searching for treasure I get an email like this. It came from Rick an my hat goes out to him.

Nice talking to you Darryle! Well here is a brief description of my story, I am an artist and furniture restorer. I often go to local auctions to find furniture to fix up and canvas that I can paint over (much cheaper than buying new canvas) but I always made sure to check on the artists signature to make sure that I wasn't painting over a valuable piece!

 Well the day of the auction I saw a big canvas that had just a little cut in the bottom corner and everything else looked in good shape (I figured I could patch it - no problem) and I started bidding. I put a limit of $25 on it because I didn't want to spend to much.. Ha ha...

 Well anyways with about 10 minutes until the auction closed I decided to Google the artist to see if he was "listed". Well he sure was. I was so excited when I seen some of the auction amounts for his paintings. I immediately raised my bid to $300. Based on the lack of bidders and the fact that this piece is so huge I didn't think there would be much competition.. well I was right... I won with a final price of $68....

I sold it one week later to a dealer in Detroit for $17,000... I am hooked! I was so excited after this "Antiques Roadshow " Moment that I want to do it again and again. But I knew it was just luck, so I sought out direction and knowledge and . That is how I found you!

Nice story wouldn't you say? I hope to hear more stories like this from our members so that they will lift my spirit. Treasures are still out there we just need to continue our hunt.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 11 January 2012 11:41)


Swarovski's Could Be For You

There can still be bargains in these markets for you if you don't get in a hurry. David and I just purchased 6 Swarovski,s for $200 and I think you will consider them bargains. Remember our rule that a bargain is when your purchase is 25% or less of the retail price and the 6 Swarovski's that we purchased were well below that figure.

One figure that I would like to share with you was the "Mermaid and Pearl" that we purchased for $50. The original retail price on its sticker 
was $275. On eBay this figure is still selling for near that price. I think that you would have to admit our purchase was a bargain.

Here is another example where purchasing in volume increases the percentage of profit you will make. When attending sales or private homes don't ask for prices until you are finished shopping. Remember to hang on to any item you wish to purchase until it is established that the seller won't agree with you on price. You should get an additnal 20% off of the best price for a single item when you put serveral items into your offer.


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