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Every four years we as dealers have the chance to make money with the political memorabilia for the race to the Presidency. This is one of those years and the Republicans still have 6 candidates in the race.

It would be well advised for my readers to pick up yard signs, bumper stickers, posters and any other item that pertains to Romney, Santorum, Paul or Gingrich. I believe one of these will be the Republican nominee and he should have the opportunity to unseat Obama.

When Obama ran I suggested that his books, poster and other items should be purchased and you can see that was very good advise. His book " Dreams of my father " is listed on eBay for $15,000 while a signed photograph featuring the President is listed for $12,000. Each of the items mentioned could have been purchased before the election for a fraction of their value today.

This opportunity will be available to us for almost a year so I hope you take advantage of it and add some items to your inventory. Obama isn't a Lincoln or Washington but his memorabilia will continue to increase over the years.

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Advertising Survives the Test Of Time

If you have been trying to call me at 847-784-8544 A.T.T. has a problem that they have been working on since Dec 11th. You may still call me at 847-867-7162 which is my cell.

With "American Pickers" the television show featuring advertising of all types it is only natural these prices would go up for choice pieces. This is true of trade cards, tin trays, card board displays and many other forms of advertising.

Here is an example of a Tobacco card This card is selling for $2500. There are many Coke Cola tray bringing in the thousands and once I sold a notepad from 1904 by Coke for $1000 but I wish that I had it back.

I have seen Winchester advertising displays sell for over $20,000 while automobile posters often bring bring prices in the thousands. French wine posters have almost no upper limit as to pricing when they appear on the market.

I just found a Tobacco card from 1913 which I purchased for $75 and it should easily bring $450. It feature a baseball team where all the players were named and pictured. What made it real special was it came from Chicago.  The top listed Tobacco Card on eBay is a baseball card from 1888 listed fro $24,500.

Put Adertising on your list this year and it will pay off big for you.


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2012 Best Buy List


Let's get the New Year started off right.


  1. American and Foreign Coins – Gold and silver coin should be a big hit this year. The better the grade the higher your profits will be.

  2. Advertizing – Automobile, train, airplanes will be great advertizing pieces to buy.

  3. Regional Art – People will be buying well done art from the artist in their areas.

  4. Celebrity Memorabilia – Signatures will be big this year.

  5. Steuben Glass – Quality art glass will always be in fashion.

  6. Rare Books – The first additions will be preferred.

  7. Military items – With the wars winding down watch for these collectibles.

  8. Smoking Items will even be hotter this year as smoking continues to decrease.

  9. Hunting and Fishing Items – The outdoors will be popular with money being short.

  10. Lladro's – Believe it or not they are making a come back but at much cheaper prices.



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$2500 for a Penny

I just returned from Kentucky an believe it or not my wife brought me back with her. You may be asking why she would leave me and the answer to that is simple, I bought a 1955 Double Die Linclon Penny for $2500.

When I left for vacation you may recall that I said that graded coins were something that had become very interesting and I believe that this coming year I will be writing a lot of blogs on coin collecting. If you will work with me I believe that coin can contribute to our success in 2012.

Hopefully you will ask questions that I can answer and perhaps I will give you information that will turn into dollars. Remember my rule, I like to deal in things that are smaller than a bread box and coins qualify.

There are several very inexpensive resourses that you may want to purchase and I will be listing them in future articals.

It is sure great to be back.

 PS: My computer hasn't allowed me to post blogs but now I can.

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