Leaving for Equador

I will be gone till the 6 of Nov. but this should give me time to formulate a new approach for the blogs. If you have ideas that you would like for our club to research please email me before I return.

Just to give you some new ideas marbles are bringing top dollar to day with many selling for over $1000 and the same can be said of whiskey flask. The antique and collectibles markets aren't dead but they are on life support. Only the best will prove to be profitable and the lower end should be avoided at all cost unless the items are given to you.  

So you won't get completely depressed I did receive an email where a member who found a KPM piece and sold it for a 400 percent profit the same day.

Don't forget to send me the names of all paintings you see because I am on the trail of a painting that could be another great find. I will tell you more about it in another blog. There could be up to $20,000 profit if the purchase is comploeted. Yes there is still hope.

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What's a Penny Worth?

When I was a little boy they called penny's copper's and believe it or not they were worth something back then. You could buy candy or chewing gum for a penny but today they are given away at stores to make change. 

However the value of penny's once again are worth something as can be seen by the collectors values listed today. Yesterday I checked my collection and discovered that I had 14 penny's dated 1922 D and they all were in good to fine shape. Why is this important you may ask and the answer is the 1922 D penny is now worth $23.50 each according to an article just published the latest Numismatic News magazine. 

Here is the exciting news that I discovered from that article, a 1922 penny without a D is worth from $700 to $160,000 so you may want to check your penny stash. The article was all about penny's from the 20's and how they have been under valued for to many years. 

Do you remember when every house had a jar or can full of penny's, it might be time to see if you can find a few of those jars or cans now. There were 7,160,000 1922 penny's minted but only a few were without the D. This happened when one of the dies used had the D filled so it would appear the penny was a 1922 only. 

As you can see with the coin collecting gaining popularity again there ar3e real treasures to be found and they may come your way at very little cost. I would suggest that all our members tell their friends and family that they are looking to buy coins minted before 1965. 

Those penny's you find might well be your pot of gold.

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Little Girls and Their Doll's.


While I was playing baseball and football my little sister was playing with her dolls and how I wish some of those had stayed in the family. It seems that Doll's may be the hottest collectibles in the market today. Whether Doll's are American , French or Germany the collector's are in a frenzy to find the best examples for their collections. 

Recently in Kansas City a Marque Doll sold for $168,000. This Doll was from 1914 and only 22 inches tall which is rather small when it comes to expensive French Doll's. There were 277 lots in the sale and many pieces sold for $5000 - $15,000 to excited buyers. I would suggest that as dealers you include several Doll price guides in you library and these can be purchased used on Amazon. 

While most dealers attending sales hope to find that 1959 Barbie, the real treasure in Doll's may be laying there and getting passed by all those smart dealers that don't recognize the value in other Doll's. The best part of searching for great Dolls is that they don't have to be 200 years old, many Doll's from before 1950 will knock your socks off. 

If a Doll has her original clothing their value may be increase several times so keep this in mind. Also many dealers will pass on very valuable Doll's if they have damage however many dolls are repairable and this can prove to be very profitible to you. 

The old saying little boy's and their toys should be replaced by little girls and their Doll's if you wish to make money.

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Is know the time for Antiques and Fine Art?

The stock market is in a down draft and gold is heading out the back door so what are investors to do? While all this has happened have you notice that the good old green back is surging? In my opinion these signal are for an increase in the value of Antiques and Fine Art.

 Here is my reasoning. Antiques and Fine Art have suffered tremendously over the last couple of years while the stock market and gold have soared. Most items that were priced fairly back then now can be purchased for 50% of what they were selling for before last year. This seems to indicate to me that as other forms of investments drop the values of Antiques and Fine Art can only go up because the investor is looking for value and preservation of capital.

 If you have located some great pieces but didn't buy them because of your doubt about where the markets are headed it may be time to revisit them and add those pieces to your inventory. Now isn't the time to have an empty chest to sell from but it should be stocked to the brim with better items. 

Money should begin to flow into our markets so be sure you take advantage of this opportunity. Buy low and sell high will be the slogan of the Antique and Art market in the coming months as more and more people see the value that these markets represent. 

It may well be our turn to step up to the plate and guess what the competition has been reduced because so many dealers have lost heart. But not the members of the “ Daryle Lambert Antiques and Collectibles Club “ we are just starting. Remember this is a long race not a sprint.

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Great story for you.


All of us recognize the name Faberge, right. But here is the question, would you recognize it if you saw a piece? In most cases we wouldn't unless time had been taken to study the Faberge marks. 

It seems that a lady was scouring the garage sales and spotted a great little box that she thought would be great for her trinkets. The price was $15 which she thought was to much so the offer was made at $12 which was accepted. Taking the box home and noticing that there were some strange marks on the bottom she show it to a friend that said a antique expert should look at it which she did. 

The dealer told the lady it was a beautiful box and she would be glad to pay $50 for it but the lady decide it was worth more than that to her, so she kept it. Many years later a visitor to her home notices the box and ask if she could examine it. Soon the friend said I think that this might be Faberge. 

Now the plot thickens. Taking it to an appraiser its value was placed at $50 to $75 thousand dollars and later sold for almost $250,000. You can see from this story that it would be in your best interest to know the Faberge marks. Here is a little history on Faberge: 

Don't go out unprepared and be sure to take your guide along with you at all times. There are treasures like this one found every day so yours is waiting for you to find it.

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