In tough times the tough get going.



It seems to when things get tough many stop trying but not Vicki. She just digs in her heels and works that much harder. Being one of our first members in the “ Daryle Lambert Antiques and Collectibles Club “ I have enjoyed her ability to withstand all the negative times we have had in these markets. 

Here is my last email that I received from Vicki: 

Hi Mr. Lambert, 

I was so happy to see you back at the daily blog - I've really missed it! 

So, I found myself doing another estate sale (on referral by a realtor I had worked w/before). I don't know that I would have taken this on, because of two things: 

1 The enormity of the contents of this place.

  1. The fact that the place had been "cherry picked" long before by a wayward step son, according to the sister's that hired me.

I took it on though. It is full of woodworking tools and equipment, some vintage boating items, ton's of usable household etc. Well, it's been a long time since I did a "household items" sale so I began to look things up as I went along and boy oh boy was I in for a shock! 

First item:

Key chains - ever heard of "Bill Wall" or how about the mini license plate key chains that were popular in the 50's and 60's? do a general search on eBay highest price first - completed and your eyes are gonna go blurry! LOL

Next find: Ever heard of "Texasware"? me neither - lol until I looked it up of course. I had known that "Melamine" and "Melmac" were popular plastics that many collected, but I was really taken aback by the prices for these vintage plastic bowls! 

It get's better: Old crock pots - yes I said "crock pots" they are not real "high enders" but could be an excellent find for folks just staring out in this business. I know I won't ever look at them the same way now! 

There's more: How about "Ekco Eterna Canoe" amongst other patterns of flatware produced by the Ekco company in the 50's and 60's. They are of "mid century" design and stainless to boot, but I was not ready for the prices I found - and we have a 48 piece set w/ serving pieces! LOL 

Just wanted to catch up with you, and tell you what I'm up to these days - It's been a real ride and I'm very glad I made the decision to "look it up" before I gave it away! As you always teach us "Knowledge really is power" and with God's help I don't see how we can go wrong on any of these items! Also thought they would made for a few fun blogs - especially for newer members or those that do not have a lot to spend right now. 

Best Wishes as always, Your Friend In MI. Vicki H.


Yes I am looking to make our site viable but with stories like Vicki's it makes me proud of what we have done together.



Time for a change

Today I attended a church service where the subject of the sermon was, “ Is it time for a change in your life?” At the end off the service the people were ask if there were thing in their life that needed to end, stand up. Without hesitation I stood up because it seems that the purpose of the project that I started 4 years ago has run its course.


Even though there have been attempts by both myself and staff the participation in the clubs programs seem to have very little support and that might well be my fault but I don't have the answer why that would be. Maybe our out reach just never obtained the necessary exposure our programs needed to be successful even though many hours were spent on our marketplace, affiliate program and associate program. The blog seems to have had success but that isn't enough to keep our programs going.


I will be examining the future of our site over the next few weeks to see if there are viable alternatives that would produce benefits to our members, however if there are none I may chose to go in a different direction where my effects can have more effect on the life of others both financially and spiritually.


I would appreciate any advise that the members might share where the efforts of the club can enhance their futures or be of benefit to others. Please keep these ideas on your pray list and we can count on the Lord giving me as well as our members the best coarse of action in the future.



Last Updated (Sunday, 18 September 2011 14:33)


Modern coins can be true treasuries

Do coins have to be old to bring a fortune? This is the question that I am often asked when talking about coins and the answer is no. However to benefit from the contemporary great coins you have to be very knowledgeable.


Here is a story that was just posted in my Numismatic News. New world record was paid for a 1975 S Roosevelt dime in MS 68 condition. This dime is just over 35 years old but are you ready for this, it sold for $349,000 at a ANA at Stack's Bowers Galleries in Chicago. My question is why haven't I found one of these and the answer might surprise you, if I had I wouldn't have know it because I am still learning myself. The auction at the Stack's Bowers Gallery sold over $40,000,000 in coins and currency and part of that could have been yours if you had devoted yourself to learning the values of modern coins.


To really gain from the exploding prices for coin you must study, study and study some more. But can your study pay off I will let you be the judge of that. I am putting together a set of mercury dimes in MS 66 or better condition and hope to give them to Josh some day for him to buy a house with. This set will cost probably $200,000 but I hope not to have any investment in mine because I am paying for it with the profits I make on the sell of other coins.


The first thing that you must have to find the value of coins is a guide and I use the official red book. It is titled A Guide Book of United States Coin and this book can be found on Amazon or at any coin story.


I am looking to buy coin collections and would be willing to partner with any member to share purchases with.


Last Updated (Saturday, 17 September 2011 12:52)


Baseball Cards are they back?


It is no news that for the last few years baseball cards have been at the bottom of the barrel when it came to collector value but is that changing? I happened to run into the proprietor of the Gizo's Sportscards Company and he was looking through hundreds of cards for him to evaluate.


Meeting Mr. Gidding's gave me an opportunity to pick his brain and I have to admit I was surprised by some of his answers. It seems that the list of licensed dealers in cards has shrunk for thousands to 700 or so of which he is one. Mr. Gidding's informed me he was not only a dealer but an avid collector of cards.


My first question was can a person still make money buying baseball cards and with out hesitation he said certainly as long as he deals in the right merchandise. My follow up was what is the merchandise? It seems that card produced before 1969 are what you should be looking for. No, not all of these earlier card carry a big premium but your chances are much greeter of finding a treasure with cards before 1969.


Mr. Gidding's got my attention when he offered $1250 for one card and purchases a set of three cards for $225. When most later common cards as they are know still bring less than .01 still the number of cards now commanding a premium seems to be on the increase.


Here is what I would suggest. If you run into a collection of cards the have a good percentage of earlier ones make an offer for the whole lot and you should always be okay. Mr. Gidding's told me that he had just purchased over 300,000 at about .0025 each. I feel certain this will prove to be a great buy for him.


The one thing that Mr. Gidding's stressed was that damage on a card made it for all practical purposes worthless. Now may be the time to put baseball cards back in your wish list.

Last Updated (Friday, 16 September 2011 10:44)


Commemorative coins are not know to most but can pay you big if found.

Commemorative coins have been with us since ancient Greece and Roman times and they usually record important events. No nation has surpassed the USA in minting these coins and they have become quite collectible. Coins to commemorate historical events may be produced from of gold, silver or other metals and they are collected by people other than coin collectors.


Coins recording our history are approved by 2 houses of Congress, the Committee of Banking and the Citizen Coin Advisory Committee. The money from the mintage's often pay for monuments or other government cost. I found this site very informative when it comes to commemorative coins


There are hundreds of commemorative coins minted so I will just list a few from the guide book: 1903 Louisiana Purchase [ Thomas Jefferson ] $2900, 1922 Grant Memorial [ Stars in field ] $7250, 1936 Battle of Gettysburg $775 and 1997 Franklin D. Roosevelt $1000. There are many more coins than the noes mentioned and they are all worth buying.


Last week I bought several silver dollars from a lady and with them there appeared to be some foreign coins so I purchased the entire lot. Only later did I realize that 2 of them were commemorative coins the first being Pilgrims and the second one the Columbian expo. I will be keeping these for Joshua.

Last Updated (Thursday, 15 September 2011 10:45)

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