31 Steps are they working for members?



The Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club was formed over 4 years ago to compliment the book “ 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles “ but has it preformed for its members?


I will have to let you make that decision but first lets study what some of the members have reported to myself and our staff.


Let's begin with Cecil Reader who was one of our founding members of our club. Over the years he has continually found and sold quality and rare items that have produced him an income from his antique and collectible business. From finding a 1940 Kentucky Derby Glass that he purchased for $12.50 and later sold for $12,500 to many great pieces of pottery including Rookwood and many others. His latest find is a Fulper piece that he purchased for $5.00 that has sold at auction for over $600. But Cecil has also used our clubs Associates Program where he partnered with the club in the purchase of 2 item and after their sell he received a check for over $3200. I would think that the association between the Club and Cecil proved to be beneficial to both parties wouldn't you? But lets look at other members.


Warner Smith has been with me since the beginning, in fact at one time we were partners and his success changed his life. Warner became Mr. Lotton and was the leader in bringing Lotton Glass to where it is today. He even formed the first Lotton Glass Club. His hunger for knowledge made him become very quickly one of the leaders in finding quality item that others over looked. In my book I write about when I over looked a camera that was being offered to us but Warner didn't miss it and we purchase the camera plus attachments for $700 and sold all the items for over $7500. Warner now is dealing in gold and silver very successfully.


John started out as a generalist in all antiques and collectibles but soon began to specialize in gold and silver and I am proud to say that now he has become my teacher in those fields. He is so busy that often he doesn't even have time to go to the bank to deposit his winnings.


There have been many others like Vickie and Lou Ann that have kept me abreast of their success and I am sure that there are many others that I haven't heard from. In the future I am hoping to include you in the list of people that have been help by joining our club.


Before I started this project I prayed to God that if it didn't help others please let it fail quickly but if it did to bless our efforts. We are still here 4 years later so I hope that is the answer.




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Lalique from early to contemporary.



When looking for treasures to purchase for resale there is nothing more beautiful than Lalique glass. From the early pieces made and designed by Rene Lalique to the more contemporary pieces on the market to day there are avid collectors for this exceptional glass.


Information on Lalique can be found on the Internet and one place is this website You can find many books on Lalique and by visiting Amazon you may be able to purchase used copies of the Lalique books for just a few dollars.


I have purchased many pieces of Lalique over the years and with out exception they have been money makers like the Toad that was purchased for $25 that sold for hundreds. I also have sold Rene vases for thousands when estate sales offered them for hundreds.


The more contemporary pieces must be purchased at well below their retail prices however because you will be fortunate if they sell above 50% of their retail price. The marks on the pieces of Lalique are often difficult to find so when you are searching for the marks on a piece of glass that you suspect of being Lalique be very diligent.


Like most glass the colored pieces usually bring the highest prices so you may be willing to pay a little more for them usually. Frosted finish on glass is a specialty and the early frosted pieces by Rene bring huge prices. I won't list pieces listed on eBay but if you go to the eBay site and search Lalique by the highest prices get ready for a huge surprise.


One Rene Lalique piece can make you more money than 100 average pieces of other items so keep you eye out while on you treasure hunt for the best of the best in glass.

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Gleaning for Antique and Collectibles might be your way to success.

When the the markets are where they are today new strategies may need to be employed. One suggestion is to go to sales on the last day of the sale and try to buy most of what is left at very low prices and that doesn't always mean cheap.


You will find that with a little soap and water or Old English many items can be brought back to their original beauty. Here is a real tip, if you spot a true treasure that has been passed over by the sales goers included it in the group of items that you wish to make an offer on. Since no one else has shown interest in these treasures they may be bought at a fraction of their values.


Here is an example that I have talked about in earlier blogs. I attended a sale where most of the items were over priced but there was one item that I particularly wished to purchase so I went back to that sale after I was sure all the other dealers had been through the sale. Sure enough the item that I wished to purchase was still there and I wished to purchase it but before I made my6 offer I looked at everything that was left.


There were 4 other items that I figured would bring me $2000 which I included in my offer. The prize was a Grueby vase which the owner had put a price of $5000 on. I combined the 5 items and made the offer 0f $3000. This was quickly turned down but they ask if I would pay any more than the $300 and I said yes $3200. This offer was excepted and I couldn't wait to begin selling the item. The 4 items that I figured at $2000 did bring that amount but are you ready for this the vase sold for $13,500 making my return on $15,5000 with a profit of $12,500.


Yes there are often still great deals to be make on the last day of a sale wouldn't you say. Good luck in your hunt but remember there is little luck needed if you have the knowledge.

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Art by the Numbers Can Produce Big Profits

What do I mean, art by the numbers? I don't mean those paintings that you buy where the canvas is numbered and you fill in the blanks. No, I mean the number of steps you must go through before the value of any painting can be set.

There are at least 5 steps that must be taken before you purchase a painting and the first is to identify the artist. This is where being a member of the “Daryle Lambert Antique and Collectibles Club“ comes into play. The information on listed artists can be found on several websites but they are expensive to join. However, you can receive this knowledge free just by being a member of the Club. Here is how that works. You may email the name of an artist or send a copy of the signature and our staff will research that name free for you.

If your artist is found to be listed, the next step is to establish a price for the piece and this is done by comparing it to other works by that artist. Our staff will make these comparisions for you by studing the composition, size and method use for the painting (oil, watercolor or pastel). Now you need to establish if there is damage or restoration work needed to make the painting salable.

Perhaps the most important in valuing a painting is to prove that it is the real thing and often that takes quiet a bit of work. I personally believe that up to 50% of paintings I see or fakes or reproductions.

The final step is being able to realize where the best market for the painting would be. Once I had a painting that I showed to all the auction houses in Chicago and their estimates were in a range of $30,000 - $40,000. I did a study and found the best market for this painting was New York where it brought $115,000.

The club will work through all these steps with you and may also be willing to put your painting in our Associates program. I hope to hear from many of our members with names of artists to research.

1. Is the artist listed?
2. Look at comps.
3. Is there damage to the painting?
4. Establish if the painting is real?
5. Best market for the painting.

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Skate Blades Can Increase Your Bank Account

Who would have ever thought that I would be writing a blog on skate blades, surely not me. However if there is money to be made with them that is what I will share with you. I have been working with a wonderful lady liquidating her mother's estate. I saw two boxes of skate blades in the garage but I took little notice of them.

I did write down the name on one pair of blades that were still new in the box. “John Wilson Gold Seal" was printed on the side of each skate so I just punched in “John Wilson Skates” on eBay and to my surprise there were several pairs that appeared. The most expensive pair were the “John Wilson” Coronation pair of blades listed at $212.50 followed by Pattern Number 99 blades for $189.99. There must be 12 pairs still in their original box that might be bought very reasonably by someone who knows what they're worth. Next there were another 12 pairs of blades that had wooden tops and strapped to your regular boots. I have no idea what their values are but they look really neat.

There is a very important lesson to be learned here. Parts of any item can become real treasures to the person needing them. On “Pawn Stars “I saw where a head of a certain toy could bring several thousand dollars because, if you found the body of the same toy and added it, the completed toy would bring $10,000 or more. This was one of the stretch toys if you're interested.

Finding parts of rare items is like finding the original boxes. If you find them there are always customers looking to buy them. Just a little story about parts. This friend of my bought a book for $1 or $2 but noticed that the dust cover for it had been placed on another book that just sold. He approached the buyer and ask if the dust cover could possible be purchased and the gentleman said "yes for $1000". My friend purchased it and placed it back on the original book that he had purchased and it sold for over $12,000 dollars if my memory serves me right. It was a first edition of Tarzan and very rare.

Our business is to make money and if you continue to gain knowledge over a wide spectrum of items that knowledge will pay off for you on your search.

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