Gold Jewelry


Gold Diamond Opal

There hasn't been a better time to buy Quality Jewelry  in my life time in my opinion. Day after day I am seeing ladies and men sell true works of art in jewelry at the price of the gold or silver in the pieces.

This makes no sense to me because the craftsmanship in a piece does add value.A painting that measures 24 X 36 won't have the same value regardless of who painted it. The artist name on the painting can make a tremendous difference in its price. The same should be said of jewelry, meaning just because two bracelets weigh the same thing doesn't mean their value should be the same.

Lets take the bracelet above for instants. The weight of the gold in the bracelet is only worth $1200 an today it would be priced at that but because it is quality the price is $4850.

 So as you are visiting the sales watch to see if there are quality pieces of jewelry that can be purchased at melt price. If so, you should be able to more than double your money and that is our goal, right.

With the price of metals dropping I think you will see the value of jewelry going up and that is where there is money to be made. Doubling you investment compared to making 15% on it should give you incentive to take another look at gold and silver jewelry.  

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1893 Columbian Expo [ Update ]


1893Columbian Expo
[ Spoon ]

It is that time of year. Cecil and I just hit the jackpot in Evansville with the purchase of 30 or so items. Remember the Expo Pitcher I wrote about, we purchased it plus many other items from the fair. Items included tickets, plates, bowls, coin purses, metal tip trays and many other items.

I am still trying to find out if one of our purchases was a spoon because there is one that really would add to our bank account.
If you look at the top of this page you will see the one I mean. This spoon was purchased on eBay for over $2200 and as I have check the items we bought nothing has been over $120 including the pitcher.

It doesn't take many purchases like this one to put you well on your way into the 31 Steps. Our total investment was $1700 which included the

I am waiting for your stories to publish and I know there are many that the readers would like to hear.

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1893 Columbian Expo.

Exceptional Condition 1893 Columbian Expo Copeland Spode Chicago Pitcher

1893 Columbian Expo

We are always trying to find treasure that others don't recognize and often it is found far from where it was made. This is true of Chicago made items especially items from the 1893 Columbian Expo. held in Chicago.

I have located this same pitcher as the one pictured in another state and this weekend I hope to purchase it for a bargain price. It has sold for $600 in blue but up to $1000 in different colors.

Knowing what will bring big money in your area can equate to finding treasures that other have no knowledge of and this can put big bucks in your pocket. This happens to me often because I search the antique papers looking for items that don't belong where they are located but if I can purchase them reasonably then sell those items in the right location it often sends me to the bank.

What is your area known for? This is a great place for you to begin your search. I once purchased a painting in California for $1000 that today should bring $40,000. No one in California knew anything about Kentucky artist but I did.

I am not hearing from many of you so it is hard to give you help in find the treasures that will get you through the 31 Steps we want to complete.

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World War II

(13) 1950's Vintage Lead; U.S. Marine Soldiers (Made in England)


Have you notices how much interest the young men and women today have in items from the II World War. They want to know who their grandparents were and if they participated in the war.

Young people today are interested in our country when it stood for something. There were morals, faith and honor but these things seem un-important today. My 13 year old son is totally involved in the military and already serves in Civil Air Patrol.

I am having more fun than a person should be able to have by working with Josh in his chosen career choice. We have purchased may items from World War II 
the latest being a MI rifle.

The soldiers above will sell for over $250 and at that price they would be a bargain. Items from the war can be found at most house and garage sales and they should be priced reasonably.

You will find uniforms, metals, toys, posters and many other items that should be purchased from the war because the collectors are waitint to purchase them from you. I find it is no trouble to double my money on the war items and often I will make triple or more on my investment.

There are many war posters listed on eBay that will bring $3500 or more, but be sure that they are the real thing and not a repo.

Show people you remember when America was the envy of the world, but no more, we are only made fun of by people that think we have become weak. Stand Up For America.

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Rare 1934 $1000 One Thousand Dollar Star Note Bill,  KC District, PMG EF 40 EPQ


How much do you think this bill is worth? Would you believe it is valued at more than $10,000? Yes the bill shown above is worth more than ten thousand plus there are ones like it just waiting to be found by you. Here is an example of what I mean.

I never get tired of telling you what I call Cecil stories. He is my friend in Kentucky and one of the most successful antique dealers I know. It never fails to amaze me how he picks items to purchase for himself when others seem to not notice their value.

This last week he was in Greenville Kentucky attending a flea market where he has found many treasures in the past. Passing one booth he noticed some coins and bills in a case but really didn't bother to check them out thinking they probably had very little value. Later after walking the entire market he passed the booth with the bills again
but only gave them a quick glance and continued his second pass of the market. Finding nothing to purchase now was the time that Cecil usually makes his last pass and really gives each booth a good going over hoping to find that treasure he had missed.

Now in the booth with coins and bills he had passed he opened the case with the money and to his surprise one of the bills was a $1000 and in extra fine condition. After examining the bill he ask the price and was told $1600. Knowing that the price was right on the bill he committed to return the next day with the money to pay for it. While at home to confirm his knowledge he found the bill to be worth $3500 or more. You know that old saying " It takes money to make money " in this case it was definitely true. 

After hearing Cecil's story I began to check other US currency and found that there are many bills that bring many times their face value. This is the time I tell my reader to check eBay for prices on US currency. Good Luck.

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