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The garage sale is a great place to find those men's rings that no longer fit or perhaps have been replaced with something better. In the case of wedding rings, the owners often no longer wish to own them as they represent unpleasant memories of the past. This is where the members of the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club come to the rescue.


Seldom have I gone to a large sale where there weren't men's rings of all descriptions. If the rings are 10K or better, you should give them a second look. Just the gold alone should bring $100, but often they have valuable stones that are just a plus when you buy them. I know a gentleman who purchased a ring for $50 dollars, only to find out later that the stone was a near perfect ruby with a value of over $5000. This was the value he could receive, not the retail price. Can you imagine 100 times his cost? Wow. This wouldn't have to happen many times before this treasure hunting would really become fun for you.


Here is a tip. Remember when I suggested you make posters listing the items you were searching for with your telephone number. Then I said to place them all around your neighborhood in stores and other locations. Well, one of those items should be men's and women's jewelry. You will be surprised at the response you receive. Here is the greatest advantage to using posters. When there is a response, you don't have any competition.


I tell a story in my book 31 Steps to your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles about a friend who called me from a person’s home where he was inspecting some jewelry. He wanted to know about an item that he was holding in his hand. After he had given me the description of the watch, I told him to buy it. Later that day, he called and said he had purchased the watch for $200 and asked if that was a good buy. When I shared with him that it was a designer watch from Paris and 24K gold, he almost flipped out. I could hear his heavy breathing as he asked what the watch’s value was and I said “Start at $5000 and then it could go way up from there.”


By looking for rings, it could easily lead to your purchase of many other forms of jewelry. Even if it is the rings that are being offered, always ask if there is any other jewelry for sale. Buying gold in jewelry is usually the cheapest way to buy it and compounding your money in this manner should be fairly easy for you. Be sure you know the marks for gold so that gold plate and gold fill won't cross you up. 


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My brother, Roger, who lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky , just called to say he was starting his garden. That brought back memories of our grandmother working her garden, which she did so that her family could eat during the winter. She went to town and the grocery store only to buy salt, coffee and sugar. The rest she grew with the help of our grandfather and her eight kids.


When the garden was harvested, I still can remember those blue and green jars that were used for canning. The jars were put in large boilers filled with water and the lids were placed on them. Once the water started to boil, the jars were closed by the vacuum and the outside top was placed on the jars as they cooled. That smell of fresh vegetables canning still make me hungry. The farmers would buy those jars by the dozens and they were filled with beans, tomatoes, corn and whatever else they wished to eat later. Boy, did those vegetables taste better than what we get in the cans today.


But back to the purpose of this blog. Several days ago, a friend from church called about a sculpture he was interested in buying, but the conversation turned to his collecting Mason Canning Jars. Evidently he has a rather extensive collection. He shared his most recent purchase, which was a jar that he bought at an internet auction for $20. I could tell that he was rather pleased with the purchase, so I asked him what it was really worth. To my surprise, he said $2000. He said that many Mason jars are even worth far more than that. Here is a little history of the Mason's Company.

I have written on canning jars earlier, but it seems that the 1858 Mason's can bring a smile to your face if you are fortunate enough to find the right ones. Here are just a few from the eBay completed listings: Crude Yellow green Mason's Pat. 1858 - $1100, Yellow swirled Mason's jar Pat. 1858 - $810, Rare Mason's union zinc lid - $800 and a Amber Mason's jar pat. 1858 ½ Gal. $577. If this doesn't give you an appetite for Mason jars, I don't know what will.


 Here is a hint on finding Mason jars. The chances are that they won't be found in the living room with the finer things. You may have to dig deep for them. Attics, basements, out buildings and garages are their chosen places to hide and even then, they might not be easy to find. Making money the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club way may not always be glamorous, but who cares if the money is right and it is legal.  


A sad note, however, I recently received a notice that a great friend of mine, Bobby, who lived in Owensboro, Kentucky passed away. He collected canning jars as far back as I can remember. I never see one of these jars without thinking of him. He was also a church friend and to think about it, most of my friends are.   



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I have been writing about my thoughts and actions for many months now, but this week I saw a gentleman turn on his lights as he understood the principles that are taught in the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club. John is his name, and a new friend of mine named Chris brought him to my home so that I could explain what we do at our Club. 


At first I could see doubt in John's eyes and the sense of “I have been there and done that” in his voice. But with the passing of time, he began to warm up to what I was saying. At that point, his questions started to show that he saw himself following the outline that was being presented to him.


Like most, it took a little time to share that the plan of compounding your money had to come after you have provided for the needs of your family in another manner until there was enough profit generated to totally depend on your new adventure. It didn't take John long to figure out that the knowledge needed for his success in this adventure would take study and research but he was ready for that.


 John is unemployed, but has a wide variety of experiences to pull from in taking the next steps in his life. He soon understood that whatever it takes to afford him the opportunity to become wealthy was satisfactory with him, even if it means being a greeter at Wal-Mart. The questions he asked were the standard ones, like how can I be sure that I can sell what I buy. That question was soon put to rest. It is never about the selling but the buying right that counts. 


Today I have had a huge smile on my face and it lasted all day. You see I got a call from John and he was excited. He had gone to a sale and had spent $10 on a lot of ink pen nibs, those little points that hold the ink. The lot also included several pens and other drafting instruments. After he put the nibs on eBay, they had already climbed to $35.00. He told me that those were only about one third of what he bought and he still had the best left to sell. He informed me that he had completed the first step in his “31 Steps to His Millions” and before the week was over he would have other steps completed. If you aren't familiar with what he was saying, it is simple. The basis of our Club is that a penny doubled 31 times is $21,500,000. This means that every time we compound our money, we are that much closer to being a millionaire.


Have you started your climb to the top? If your answer is no, then why not? The life changing effects are waiting for you and all that is required is for you to join Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club and do what so many others are doing. See you at the top. 


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Those who have followed the investment market for years will tell you that silver has been a better investment than gold. Let’s just take the last few years for example. Gold has gone from $400 an ounce in 2004 to $1200 in 2010, while silver has gone from $4.00 an ounce to $18.00 in the same period of time. So, I ask you, which has been the better investment? Over the last three years, I have taken advantage of the movement in the metals markets by selling it at higher prices and then buying it back when its price has declined. Once again the prices are at what I believe are their upper limits and closer to a sell level. But your question should be, is silver really better than gold?


How can this be because everyone knows that gold is better than silver, right? I have been sharing my opinions on gold and silver for all to hear for many years. You see gold is a metal with no future because its only value is for jewelry and you can only wear so much of that. Silver on the other hand has many commercial uses and therefore the amount of silver available will be diminished over time forcing up its price, while gold will just accumulate and have very little appreciation.


Don't buy into that old wives’ tale that gold is a hedge against inflation because it simply isn't true any longer. The hedges today against inflation are other currencies. These can be moved in and out of by simply placing an order on the currency exchanges, while gold has to be stored, shipped and have a place to sell it if you own it in bulk. 


I call what is happening in gold today “Gold Fever”. Today it is like the gold rush days and people are seeking their fortunes by buying gold, but how foolish. The prospectors found the gold but it was the ones who bought it from them who made all the money and it is the same today. All those ads are on the television saying that if you don't own gold you must be out of your mind. But in truth, the only ones making the money are the sellers. This may be the worst scam to come along for many years.


Now that I have finished preaching, how does this help the ones searching for treasures who are members of the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club? Here is my answer. It is time to buy items made of silver because they can still be bought at values lower than the price of the metal content in them. So if you add the value of the craftsmanship to the base value of the metal itself, you then have a real treasure that will only appreciate over time. I remember when the Hunt brothers tried to corner the silver market. They would have been successful if it hadn't been for the government intervention in the markets. During the run on silver, the price climbed to $50 an ounce and people were stomping on mint julep cups to sell them for their silver. If gold had done the same thing, its price would have reached over $3000 an once, which it didn't even come close to.



This year I believe that a very large percentage of my purchases will be silver items and particularly older pieces from Europe . With the dollar as low as it is, the Europeans will be buying their silver items back and be willing to pay what we might say are very high prices. I have just purchased a great book on silver marks of England, Scotland and Ireland by the name of Jackson's Silver and Gold Marks of England, Scotland & Ireland by Ian Pickford that should help me make this a very profitable year in the dealings I have in silver. You can tell that I am true to my word by going to our Club’s marketplace and viewing the great silver items that Ondre has listed there for us. This is a train that you want to catch before it gets out of the station. The trend is your friend. By the way, almost all of the silver napkin rings that we had listed are sold



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I hope that this blog will help to prepare my readers for situations when items are offered to them at prices too good to be true. A wonderful friend of mine called yesterday inquiring about a sculpture by Adolf Jahn. At first I was thinking that he might be purchasing it for himself but soon realized that he intended to sell it for a profit.


His first question to me was “Do you have AskART?” After I assured him that I did, he gave me the name of the man who had produced the sculpture he was interested in purchasing. I immediately searched the records and was able to tell him the information that he requested. It wasn’t, however, what he wanted to hear because there were just four records for this artist. Each one of them was for the same piece, but in different sizes. If you're thinking about becoming a member of the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club, remember you will have the same privilege as my friend to receive all the necessary information before making your purchase.


Now comes the real information that he needed before purchasing the piece. Out of the four records, only one had sold and that was at an auction in Belgium . Even then it was only sold at 50% of the low estimate of the other auctions. Red lights should begin to flash in your head.


So what are the lessons to be learned here? First, never pay much attention to the prices that are quoted when an item is to be sold. Only the final bids for the sold items are important. If you had listened to the prices quoted for this sculpture, you may have paid $1000 or so for it and made a huge mistake. Even though that price was only a third of the estimate of the others, it only received a bid of $800. This would have been a mistake that could only have been corrected by taking a loss. So what should you have bid on the piece you had in consideration for purchase if you really had to buy it? Our rule would have set the price at $200 and at most $400. So that answers the first question about price. Second question would be about the desirability of the item. Since only one has ever been sold at auction, you would assume that the interest might be limited and for that reason alone you should be leery of purchasing it. Third, the one that was sold was out of the country which might mean you would have to ship it overseas to have it sold. That isn't for me. Now that is three strikes against the purchase of this piece, so I believe I would pass.


When considering the purchase of any antique or collectible, you should have a list that runs through your head before making an offer. You should follow the same process at an auction. I am often asked about making mistakes and one way to prevent them is to think of all the reasons to say no to the purchase and then see if there are enough negatives to eliminate the item as a good possibility for profit. One negative isn't always enough to cancel the purchase, but after that, look for the red flags. 


My 220 page book about how to make money buying and selling antiques and collectibles is FREE with your membership in the Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club. Join Us Today



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