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 Marketplace Item - George Tinworth 



The members of our Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club know that one of my picks for buys of the year is Royal Doulton pieces. The artist signed pieces by Hannah Barlow and her sister Florence will always command a premium price but today even their pieces are selling on the internet at prices that I haven't seen in over 45 years of being in the antique and collectible markets. It seems that the public has all but forgotten who George Tinworth, Mark Marshall, Frank Butler, Leslie Harradine and Eliza Simmance even were. Yet these artists have proven themselves to be among the greatest pottery artists who ever lived. 


I just scanned the eBay site for Doulton vases and was astonished at the prices. There has never been the opportunity to buy the best pottery ever produced at prices that the stores like Crate and Barrel are getting for Chinese imports. Seldom would I tell people to take money out of savings to buy anything, but this might just be one of those times.


The internet can be fickle and although for some unknown reason Doulton has fallen out of favor there, this can't last forever. If you could buy a Cadillac for the price of a Volkswagen, I guarantee you would soon be driving a Cadillac. March Madness has just finished so it may be time for the full court press on Doulton. You may check to see if you agree with me by purchasing the Lyle Price Guide to Doulton, written in 1986 when the Doulton pieces were at about the same prices as they are today. If my math is right, that was over 20 years ago. Listen to me. These artist signed pieces by the Doulton artists are true art treasures and their prices will reward you greatly if they are purchased today. 


One thing that I have always held dear was my word. You have my promise that I will purchase any great artist signed piece you find at these astronomically low prices and put it into our Associates Program, where you become our partner and share in the profit. Now I ask you a question. How can you beat that? 


There is a slight parting of the clouds, however, because I just took a new member of our club to an auction last night where there was a large Doulton vase that sold. I bid what I thought it was worth and ended up the under bidder. If this piece had been on eBay, it wouldn't have brought half the price it did at the local auction. In the world of Doulton, I believe the old saying “It is always the darkest before the dawn” might be appropriate.


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Doulton Gibson Girl Plate - Thanks to



It seems almost impossible to keep up with all the trends you would like to, no matter how hard you try. I have been a collector of Royal Doulton for more years than I would like to remember but even now I often receive surprises on the trends for certain items of Doulton.


Yes, I have always known that the Golf plates by Doulton brought good money and the same with Gnome, Automobiles and Airplane plates, but there has been a change and now you should keep your eye out for many more series. I think that my mind must have gotten stuck twenty years ago on what I though Doulton plates were worth and most would never have gotten past $25. Today, however, as I searched the auction records, I found plates that brought over $200 each. If I had come upon them priced at $25 apiece, I would have kept walking.


Here are just a few examples that I have found: Antique English Gold Encrusted (regular dinner plates) $2495.00 for 12, a Gnome plate $910, a Bookworm plate Professional series $650 and a Coaching Days series plate $326. I wouldn't have given $10 for the Coaching Days plate because I would have thought there would be no market for it. These are the ones that sold and I am sure if I looked hard enough there would be many more auction records like these. You see I have just gotten behind the trend when it comes to Doulton plates. 


There is a group of 10 Castle series that are listed on eBay now for $3300. Can you imagine that? I can't. With the dollar so cheap, it seems that everything is going back overseas.


A set of five or six books was published on series ware in 1980 by Louise Irvine. Today you will find some of them on Amazon. I will list one here Royal Doulton Series Ware Volume 3. There are other books on Doulton listed on Amazon but they are mostly about the Jugs and Figurines. Who would have thought that I would begin to recommend that you buy Doulton plates? How time changes things.



Here is a news flash for you. The Gibson Girls Doulton plates listed on the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club's Marketplace have been sold.



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Easter - Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog




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I was invited to give my testimony at church yesterday. My question for myself was what was I going to say. I thought about this for many hours, and the successes that I have desired seemed pale in comparison to what God has given me freely. I knew that I wouldn't be sharing about the money I had made or the people I had met, but more about my failings as a father and husband. Also about God’s unfailing love and forgiveness.


I want my readers to realize that this life is only successful if we are following God’s plan for our lives. No, I didn't do that for many years and I found myself divorced twice, with four children who didn't know me. I provided for them well, but I gave nothing of myself to the relationships. This is all in the past now, and with God’s help, all five of my children, including God’s latest gift to me of little Joshua, who came when I was fifty eight years old, brighten every day of my life.


God wants us to be successful, but for the right reasons, and the first one is to help others. Without this there is no real success and any feeling of security is temporary.

I hope that yesterday was spent with your family and friends and the true meaning of Easter was shared by all. Tomorrow’s blog will start again with advice that I hope will help each and every one of you to reach the pinnacle of success, but Easter for me is a time to reflect on who and what I am as a person. My favorite verse is “Love one another as I have loved you.” There is nothing that could be better for us than that. God Bless




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Food Collectibles - Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog


 Heinz - Thanks to




Everyday I ask myself “What do people collect?” and “What should the members of the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club be searching for?" Then I start to rattle off the many items and categories that I know hold interest for collectors. These usually include the items that I am the most familiar with, like art, pottery, glass and toys. However, I know this is just the tip of the iceberg.



My wife, Vickie, often make fun of me when it comes to the way I eat, like putting ketchup on almost every bite that enters my mouth. This gave me an idea. Are there people who collect Heinz advertisements? To my surprise, Heinz seems to be a very collectible brand name and some of the items carrying that name command fairly high prices.



It was interesting for me to research the history of the H. J. Heinz company. If you take the time to read more, you may find this company interesting as well. Go to the Heinz Website and you will be amazed at how one man’s vision changed the way we eat today. This proves that success isn't always the most difficult thing we can accomplish, but often the simplest when there is a need. I was brought up on Heinz products and can remember many of the advertising items I owned as a kid.



Who could forget the cute little key rings in the shape of a pickle, or that tin truck with the Heinz name on its side? I am sure there were many other items but these two popped into my mind first. When I went to eBay, I became aware of serious Heinz collectors who will pay $3362 for a Dinky 920 Heinz tin toy truck, $600 for a Heinz pickle car and $250 for the Heinz cookie jar. Two other items that I ran across were the Heinz dispenser in the shape of a pickle jar for $660 and a salt glazed crock that brought $250. My personal favorite, however, was the 1932 Heinz 57 tin truck priced at $1000.



Just think of all the different companies that were an important part of your mother’s planning as she prepared meals in your home. You may want to pick any of the names that pop into your head and see what there is in the marketplace that advertises these products. The products themselves may have been cheap back went you were a child, but I bet their advertising items are bringing big bucks today.



Why don't you look some of these companies up and report back to me on what you found that will help other members in their searches for items to buy. I will repeat this over and over until you hear it in your sleep, Knowledge is king. 



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Marketplace Results - Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog


 We Have a Bright Future Together


It often seems to me that time just drags on, but I remember when the Daryle Lambert's Club Marketplace, with a checkout cart, was a distant dream. But no more, because it is up and running and the people are responding. If you have items that you would like to put into the Marketplace using the Associates Program, now is your chance. We are also looking for quality items that the Club can buy for the Marketplace, so if you know of anyone who is seriously entertaining the sale of something special, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Over the last couple of days, over $5000 worth of treasures that were in our marketplace are now in someone else's collection or inventory. I believe this is just the beginning because, as our exposure increases, the buyers will find us. It is my intention, over the next few years, to have the best supplied marketplace on the internet. 


The collectors of fine art, art pottery and art glass will visit our site on a regular schedule, because we will meet their need for quality items. I remember years ago when I would set up at the O'Hare Antique Show. By the time the public was able to see what I had to offer, the New York dealers had already purchased 85% of the items that I had brought to the show to sell. With the quality of art and antiques that we intend to keep in our marketplace, it is my belief that they won't stay on the site long.



That isn't where the great news ends because all our members will soon be able to participate in this growth in volume on our site. Bob has said the classifieds will arrive very soon. With their introduction, members of our Club will be able to sell their own select items to the public on the Club’s site. I believe this is when things at our Club will really begin to jump. Success breeds success, and have no doubt, we are going to be successful.



This is the time you should be scanning your inventory for items that you wish to put in your classified section so that when the opportunity is right, your space will look professional. If you already have the descriptions, prices and a picture prepared, your listing will be quite easy. Here is how you can support the growth of our Club. Whenever you sell something, please email us at the home office so that we can report your sales to the other members. This will encourage all that read of your success.



Don't neglect to browse new sites that are coming online because they are often where I find real bargains. Until new auction and sales sites get their volume high enough, there will be treasures that slip between the cracks. Just go to Google and type in “antique collectible online auction”. 


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