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Remember Our Veterans – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – They have remembered us

This weekend please greet a Veteran and thank them for their service. To those that give so much they ask so little in return. I will be attending the Veterans parade in the Smokies and hopefully Joshua will understand the importance of it.


It is going to be difficult not writing or communicating with our members as much as usual for the next two months but hopefully it will be time well spent thinking of new ways for us to reach our goals. Again please pray for safety for my family and God Bless.

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Let's Keep in Touch – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – I will be watching.


Over the next few weeks I will be on the road but there is no reason we can't stay in touch. Hopefully there will be a blog each day from some that were written in our earlier days. Also as I scan my emails I hope that members will send me success stories that I will share with the readers. If you need to contact me quickly then call my cell phone 1-847-867-7162.


While I am away it might be a great time to review our guide “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles.” Your success will depend on doing the same thing over and over again plus acquiring new knowledge each day. While most people make a big deal out of making money for you it should become just your way of life.


The gold and silver phenomena is still going full bore and I hope that it is proving good for you. Warner, John and Tom have made me a believer in these markets and with Tom earning over $12,000 with gold in just two weeks there is very little else I need to say.


The season for garage and house sales will soon come to an end so take every advantage of them while they are going on. By doing your home work it should be simple to visit at least 25 sales each weekend and if you do there will be treasures added to your inventories.


I hope to be able to share a few successes of my own as I travel around the country so be sure to stay tuned. I ask for your prayers for safety for me and my family while we are away and you can be assured we will be praying that through God your blessings will be many.

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Vintage GPS Systems – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Who needs one?


Vintage GPS system - Thanks to

The preparation for our mountain trip is proceeding quite well and with the GPS on my phone I feel assured that we won't get lost. But just a couple of years ago I was so proud of the new GPS (ground positioning system) that I purchased, each trip became a new adventure without all the double backs. But my question now is what to do with my old system?

Yes I believe the old GPS's will be come collectibles but it may be just a little early for them to really take off in price. Here is what I would do.The old systems will be considered worthless by most people and they will appear in garage and house sales for practically nothing. If they can be purchased for under $5 and sold for up to $100 to collectors that isn't all bad. But here is a tip. Set one out of every two or three that you purchase back in a box to hold for a while. One day you will find those that you set back selling for hundreds of dollars. This is a case of where you will be ahead of the trend but making money while you wait for others to catch up.

Most people in the antique and collectible business are only looking back at what has been to make money, but what I want to teach you is that looking forward can also prove to be profitable. In many cases as I began dealing in a new product, after taking out the profit I needed, I would build a large collection for myself. To give you two examples, my porcelain dogs and Griswold cast iron collections were sold for many thousands of dollars when I thought the time was right. Both collections had cost me nothing and you remember, everything I have is for sale at a price. With these two collection there were people willing to pay my price so they both were sold to an individual collector.

When you finally decide it is time to sell what you have set aside for later, it is like getting a huge bonus and your bank account taking a huge step forward. This often will take you several steps in your “31 Steps to Your Millions.”

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Porcelain Urns – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Better in pairs

There are things that are better in pairs and urns fall in that category. Yes, one fabulous urn may sell for $10,000, but a pair could bring $35,000. No elegant home would ever have thought of not having a pair of decorated urns on their mantel; that would have been almost a sin.

Often when you visit a stately home where an auction is in progress you may see a pair of urns that are not getting the attention they deserve. The reason for that is dealers are becoming jaded to urns because of the many fakes that flood the market but you shouldn't make that assumption. I have purchased for just a few thousand dollars pairs of urns worth over $25,000. Yes you want to be sure that they are original and not reproductions but that is where our knowledge comes in. If we are competing with dealers that are uneducated in fine porcelain, this should be to our advantage.

Perhaps the most popular urns were made in France by the Sevres Company but there were also Royal Vienna and others. Here are just a few pair of urns for you to admire:19th century Royal Vienna urns $85,000, French Sevres urns $26,000, Marble and Bronze urns $19,500, Crystal Malachite Ormolu bronze urns $12,600, Capo-Di-Monte [ Cherubs ] $11,500 and Silver [ Roman Muses ] $10,000.

If you find a pair of exceptional urns and would like to put them in our “Associates Program” where we would partner with you please send us pictures to view. We will buy them and give you 35 % of the profit when they are sold. This program allows our members to profit from what they find while not bearing the risk of making a mistake in their purchase.

Yes pairs will make you more money so scout out a wonderful pair of urns for a big pay day for yourself.

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