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It is easy to get mesmerized by words like gold, silver, Tiffany and even Rolex but you must remember it is about the money, stupid. I learned a very special lesson yesterday and it will be one that will serves you well in the future.

Over the years I have bought perhaps 5 Rolexes in total but in one day I was offered 4. Yes they were all original watches, 1 man's and 3 lady's. Three had papers and you bet they got my attention. Add to the watches, in the mix, was also over 68 PWT of 14K gold. Boy did I begin to drool. The price seemed high but they were Rolexes and there was gold so how could I pass this deal by? Well I did after I got off the high of having the watches and gold in my hand.

Now that I have control of myself again I realized that there was no money to be made for me in owning the watches or gold. You see it doesn't matter what you buy as long as the results are the same, you make money. A lead soldier may make you more profit than a Rolex so which should you buy? Here is what I found, lady's Rolexes are a very slow sale and I am sure you are asking why. Maybe it is because they contain less gold. I don't know but facts are facts. Gold bought at near spot will stay with you because no one else will pay you more so again no profit.

Once again I had to be brought back to the basic principles we operate under which says compounding our money is the goal to be obtained. It doesn't matter whether we use Rolexes, gold, Tiffany pieces or lead soldiers to build our fortunes; the rules must stay the same. To invest $10,000 to make a hundred or two is for someone else not us. Also watch for those fake Rolexes and if you aren't qualified to tell the difference between the real and fake always consult an expert.


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Stamps Primer – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Did I learn anything?


Chinese Stamp - Thanks to

Yesterday I was visited by my new guru on stamps, Rich, and we spent maybe 2 hours together going over basic information. I really didn't realize how uneducated I was on stamps but now I do.

To start, after going through 3 large boxes of stamps and books containing stamps I thought that perhaps there would be at least 1 great stamp in the mix but no, Rich said the whole lot may be worth $100. Now this started off our meeting in a disappointing way because there were at least 1000 stamps he looked through. But you know me, I had at least 500 questions to ask him and he was very patient to answer each one.

First I found out that stamps from China, Russia, India and Korea are the hottest ones on the market today. Yes American stamps will always be sought after but they're not the new kid on the block at the present time. Also it seems that specialty stamps are the rage today and there are guides to help in your search for these stamps. The one Rich recommended was the “Classic Specialized Catalog of Stamps and Covers 1840-1940” and also Scott's Catalog A & B US specialized stamps. It seems that Scott's guides are the ones most used and they may be found on Amazon both new and used.

Rich said that most stamps are valued at about1/2 the guide book prices and at stamp shows that is where he starts his pricing. The best comparisons for stamps will come from your visiting stamp shows or auctions and it will take many years before you are a qualified expert. After I talked to Rich it soon became clear that I would be calling on him for most of my advice on stamps and it wouldn't be worth my while to spend too much time on education about stamps.

I now understand why stamps haven't been my passion and the reason is that if stamps are your passion there will be no time for anything else. Being interested in making money first and foremost, it only makes sense to find someone you trust on stamps and give them a piece of the pie when collections come your way. We now have Rich to guide us and if you have questions please send them to me and I will get the answers for you.

Here is just one hint he gave me. If the gum is off the back of a stamp the value is reduced tremendously. Also, any other damage can make an otherwise valuable stamp worthless.

I hope this helps you and makes you money in the future.


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Stamp Collections – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Finally


Stamp Collecting - Thanks to

It has been a very long search but finally I believe there is a gentleman by the name of Rich that will answer our questions on stamps plus be a fair buyer. He will be visiting my home this week to help give me the knowledge required to help our readers sell their personal stamps as well as those of their customers.

It would be almost impossible for me to say how many stamp collections I have turned away because I simply didn't know where to get a fair price for them but hopefully that now will change. Yes most stamps are like baseball cards with very little value, but on the other hand some have tremendous value. These are the ones we want to know about and also be treated fairly when we sell them. I am finding commemorative, blocks of stamps and foreign ones are often in demand but this is just the beginning in discovering the value of stamps. Rich is going to tell me what guides are best and when he does I will pass that information on to you.

This is going to open up a whole new market for us to explore and hopefully it will be extremely profitable for our members of the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club. Remember it isn't what we use to make our money, as long as it is legal, but the question is can we compound our dollars when we sell.

Stamps might be that hidden opportunity for us because most like me I would think have had such bad experiences trying to deal in them. Hopefully that is all about to change. Please send me any questions you might have for Rich and I will get them answered.

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Silver Coins – Daryle Lambert’s Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Price is moving up.

While the price on gold coins seems to have hesitated on their upper movement silver coins are jumping in value at a brisk pace. What could be the reason for this?


In my opinion the reason for this difference is the number of coins being melted both in gold and silver. I believe there are far fewer gold coins being melted than silver. This will mean that in the future the number of gold that are listed will remain nearly unchanged so their values might change little but with silver the melt is much greater and it will be very difficult to actually say how many silver coins remain that haven’t been melted down. This should increase their values as the collectors realize it is becoming more difficult to complete their collections at prices they are use to be paying.


One way to see this price change is to look at silver coins on eBay. There you will find better silver coins selling at much higher prices than the values listed for them on NGC and PCGS websites while the gold coins are nearer the prices the grading services list.

This is a tremendous advantage to you because as a buyer with your knowledge, as sellers look at the prices quoted in guides, you will know they are worth far more than the guide’s state.


Silver is were it is at today so you should be telling everyone in ear shot that you’re a buyer for any amount of silver coins. I sold 106 silver dollars for $5300 now if they were purchased $15 each you can figure my profit was very healthy. This is the second group of silver dollars I have sold and the market is still open for many more.


Advertising in the paper or on the Internet may not pay off for you but I guarantee that word of mouth will work. If someone recommends you then you will be trusted. Give it a try you will like it.

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Father's Day – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – My second favorite day.


My wonderful wife and son each Father's Day sends me to the NASCAR race in Michigan. Next to Christmas it might be my favorite day because I get to antique and watch one of the greatest sport events in the world on the same day.


Guess what you can bet that I will pick up a few Jeff Gordon items on my trip because to me he is one of the best ever to drive a race car. By the way he won last week and to see him holding his little girl just made me like him that much more. He is definitely a “Good Old Boy” so that makes him one of us.


On my way to the race each year I will stop at every antiques shop along the way between Chicago and Michigan and each year it has proven to be profitable. The best find for me on this trip was a Doulton vase where the signature was on the side not bottom of the vase. It was a very large piece so the monogram was very hard to find but I did. After purchasing the vase it made a great weekend even that much greater. The vase was signed George Tinworth which made my purchase price of $500 seem very cheap. This is where I had to postpone one of my rules, I didn't sell the vase but put it into my own collection. I value the vase at $3000 to $5000 but if it is ever sold it will be after I'm gone.


Where else I ask you can so much fun be had while your bank account continues to grow? I can't wait to get on the road knowing that there may be some wonderful antique or collectible just waiting to be found by me and then getting the privilege to be among 100,000 cheering race car fans screaming their heads off for their favorite driver. It just doesn't get better than that and I thank my family each year for their special gift to me on Father's Day.


To best to all the Father's out there and I can say without exception God has blessed each and everyone of us.

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