Lotton – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – But which one?


It happened again yesterday and I am searching for the explanation? Because of the enjoyment of starting the “Lotton Collectors Club” with Warner Smith I constantly keep by eye out for Lotton pieces to buy but there seems to be a change in that market today.


Usually the founder of any companies products brings the most money in the open market and this has been the situation with Lotton where Charles Lotton pieces were selling for the most money. However I have noticed that now John, David, Daniel Lotton pieces in some cases are surpassing Charles's in today's markets. Why is this happening? Could it be that as Charles is getting older the younger Lotton's are producing better pieces I don't know?


Here is where this change can benefit you when you're looking to purchase Lotton Glass for resale. Yesterdays I purchased a Daniel vase for $200 and on eBay it should bring well over $1000. This pieces is 11” tall and a floral plus its quality is equal to anything produced by Charles. If the vase was a Charles piece I would have never been able to purchase it for $200 but the collectors today are willing to pay as much for the other Lotton's glass as they are for pieces produced by Charles. If this vase had been by Charles I wouldn't have been able to compound my money but because it is a Daniel piece I expect to make more than 5 times my purchase price when it is sold. Quiet a difference, right?


Here is a tip for you, continue to analyze all the markets you are dealing in and adjust your buying patterns to those changes. In the case of Lotton Glass the Charles pieces have come down some in value while the others pieces seem to be gaining.


The secret to being a great dealer is knowing when something is starting an up trend before your competitors do. By the time most dealers realize that now all Lotton Glass is on an equal evaluation you will have made a small fortune selling John, David and Daniel Lotton pieces that were purchase at bargain basement prices.


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Experts – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Don't be shy.

One of the worst things we can do as a antique dealer is to give prices on items that we don't have the knowledge to do. It seems that dealers think that the customers believe that they are all knowing and that simply isn't true. No dealer can have all the knowledge on all antiques and collectibles so that is when you call in an expert.


I am sure you have watched the television show “Pawn Stars” and I ask you how many times do they call the expert? This has happened to me this very day. Visiting a house where I purchase several items last week there were numerous stringed instruments which I had no idea of their value, so I am going back with the expert today.


Yes I will probably have to split the profit if we purchase the instruments but I can be assured of not making a mistake. It is the preservation of capital that will allow you to become rich as a antique dealer so you don't need to make any major mistakes. Fortunately my mistakes have been kept to a minimum but I do remember one that was a really dumb.


I purchased a pair of Jarvie candlesticks for $600 at a farm auction and didn't realize they had been striped making their value next to nothing. After attempting to sell them several times I finally gave up and assigned them to a cheap auction where they brought $66. You don't need or want to make many of those mistakes and experts can prevent you from crying in your milk after a purchase.


I have often sold the items that the expert appraised for me directly back to them and still made the money I was looking for so they became my customers. That old saying “ Pigs make money but hogs lose everytime “ is so true. So don't be a hogs when you need the advise of an expert and always be willing to share the wealth with them for their knowledge.


This isn't a sprint race but a race to make you rich so take your time and do things right which means you shouldn't climb out on a limb by yourself if you aren't prepared.

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Quick Sale – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Priced right

Today was a good day and I wish to pass along to the readers something that will interest them. For over 2 months I have been planning to reduce my inventories so with my wife out of town I began to assemble a few items that I wished to sale quickly. No I wasn't willing to give them away but priced them where they would move.


In past blogs I shared where my friend David who owns a coin shop gave me the opportunity to sell collectibles and art in his shop for a small fee. From the beginning of our relationship the traffic for my collectibles picked up substantially and my chance of moving items were enhance many times over.


Today I decided that it was time to put more paintings in the shop so I assembled 6 paintings priced at $100 to $650 to display. There is never a time when David's shop is empty so as I entered the place was full. Not to disturb the clients I sat the paintings on the floor up against the showcases and immediately a lady began to look them over. After settling on two of the paintings she purchased the large one and I can almost guarantee that she will be back for the other.


The old thinking of where to depose of my inventory wasn't working but now that I have establish a new market I am having difficulty keeping merchandise in the shop. Isn't that a great problem to have these days? Try finding a business that has great foot traffic and ask if they will allow you to display a few things for sale and if you are successful the owner of the shop will ask you to bring in more because they are making money. Remember their business doesn't need to duplicate your and when the customers see the new items in the store they will tell others which will bring in new customers for the store owner plus your merchandise.


Up until today my largest sale has been $3000 for a Daum vase and David will make $600 on that sale so I don't think he will mind me hanging around his shop. Also when customers begin to bring in their items besides coins David and I will be working together to purchase and sell them. Everyone wins isn't that great.


It is time to think outside the box if you want to win this race and to do that eBay, malls and auctions may not be the best way to sell your treasures.





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Luck or Talent? - Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – I took my own advice.


Over the last 4 years I have tried to share information with my reader that would make them money. Yesterday I got the chance to follow my own advice and I think you will be interested in the results.


Last week I received a call from a gentleman that ask if I would be interested in some toys and of course my answer was “sure.” We had an appointment for about 10:00 and I showed up a little early as usual. He first showed me some china but I had very little interest in it except for 4 pieces so I piled them up. Next was a clock and then some musical instruments and they were added to my pile. This is when I ask about the toys and was told they were in the garage so out the back door we went.


Entering the garage I spotted several boxes of old toys and soon had them sitting in the same location when I noticed 2 boxes of books and a set of spurs which were added to the pile. It seemed that I had accumulated a rather large group of item so I ask the gentleman if $380 would buy the group and he said yes. Going back inside to retrieve my treasures, a group of post cards and a railroad lantern was added making the grand total $410.


After paying Katy [ my dog ] and I stopped for lunch and then continued home to unpack the back of my pickup which was pretty well full. Taking the boxes of toys up to my office I soon discovered that they weren't going to make me the return that I had hope for but never fear there was mush more. The clock on eBay was about $50 so I was still a long way from breaking even. The spurs were another $50 but I was getting close to the end of my boxes. When I open the books there really wasn't much value there but one box had several stamp books and loose stamps so that helped.


But do you remember me mentioning the 4 pieces of china that I really had very little interest in, one was a Wedgwood platter and this bailed me out. It just sold on eBay for over $1000. This doesn't does mean that mine will bring that but it should at least sell for $500. Now I can say that I compounded my money but what if I hadn't purchase all the items that I thought might make me money.


Buying one item at a time can be very risky as you can see, without the platter I would have lost money or made very little at best. So that old saying there is safety in numbers is so true.




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Gold Coins – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles B log – Gold at the end of the Rainbow.



Remember all those stories of the little Leprechaun finding the pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow when you were young? I believe that just happened to a friend of mine when a lady bought him a gold coin that was for sale.


Thinking this coin was a common piece it was purchased for just a little over the spot price for gold but what happened later is amazing. The coin hasn't been graded but it soon will be and my friend says it should come back at least MS 64. The MS means mint state and the higher it grades the more it is worth. The top grade for a coin is MS 70 but the chances of finding an early coin of that grade are nearly impossible to find.


Why is my friend extremely excited you ask, well if the coin is truly an MS 64 coin its value could be as high as $25,000. Most people that are selling their coins today can't believe the prices they are receiving with the price of gold so high so the numismatic value isn't important to most of them. With gold and silver coins being melted down at historic rates it is no wonder that a special coin could slip through the cracks every now and the.


If you aren't asking everyone you meet if they have gold or silver coins to sell shame on you. These markets won't last for ever but you must strike while the iron is hot. When these markets for gold and silver started to climb I have to admit my thought was this will be very short lived as it was before. Now my opinion is changing and I am preparing for the long haul and you should to. There is money to be made in American coins and I hope that you get your part of that because there isn't any markets now that can return you the profits gold and silver can.


Be like that little Leprechaun and start your search for that pot of gold.

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