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This week will be a long one for me because my family is on vacation with out me. Yes I had the chance to tag along but decided not to because I'm not one just to sit on the beach. This is only the second day without my family at home but it seems like an eternity already.


While my family is out of town we decided to put hard wood floor through out the house which meant everything that is in my collections had to be moved. I am just beginning to appreciate how much these things mean to me even though I had forgotten how many there were. The best part about my collections are that they have cost me nothing and as they sit there, out of sight out of mind, they are making me money.


I hope that as you follow the steps to success that are spelled out in my book “ 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles “ you will take a small portion of the treasures you find an sit them aside for yourself. This should only be done after you have achieved your goal of compounding your money but in many cases this is easily done. The last few months as I continue to see my purchases slow down and I am often depressed about this but by looking at my collections of paintings, pottery and art glass I realize that this period will be short lived and then the good days will return.


There will be times that you will want to keep something you purchase but the timing won't be right so it must be sold, as an example the last great pieces of art glass I bought. However to keep you bank account moving in the right direction it is a must that we sell most of what you buy in a timely manner.


The next few days without my family will allow for the planning that will be required to continue success in my journey and by having a few of the fruits of my labor around me this will certainly help. It seems that my motivation isn't only the money that I can make but also the opportunity to surround myself with with true treasures. I am beginning to realize what attracted me to treasure hunting so many years ago when I first read Treasure Island.

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Railroad - Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – How things have changed.


My grandfather was a conductor for the L&N railroad but if he was alive today what would he think? First he wouldn't even have a job because trains no longer have cabooses only a camera and sensor on the back of the last car.


In past blogs I have written about most of the railroad memorabilia but today it is lanterns that are on my mind. You see back when granddad was a conductor they didn't have walkie- talkies or cell phones so communication between the engineer and conductor was done by different colored lanterns. The conductor would swing a green lantern to go and a red one to stop the train.


It seems that these lanterns have become collectible and their values might surprise most people. Yes toy trains, signs and posters will make the picker smile but I promise you if the right lantern is found you will burst out in laughter.


Here are just a few railroad lanterns I found on eBay: Very early C&S railroad “The Adams” lantern $2739.98, Rutland lantern $1622.99, Grand Trunk lantern $566.78, M&WR lantern $500, Great Northern caboose lamp $500 and last a Southern Pacific red lantern $473.


“ This light of mine I'm going to let it shine “ takes on a entirely new meaning from the one I learned in bible school. However it does bring back wonderful memories of time I spent with my grandfather or when we would go the the railroad station and wave as he pasted by. Hi Grand Daddy.

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Silver – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Be sure


Silver Candlesticks -

Yes we know sterling silver is in demand but how do you know the silver you see isn't plate? This is a great question and if you have the testing kit I suggested you buy it has a silver acid included. Thinking that a silver piece is silver plate rather than sterling and you turn out to be wrong can be quite expensive.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. At a recent auction a person purchased a silver candlestick for about $60 thinking it was silver plate because its color was almost black. After cleaning the candlestick and finding it was sterling with 100 ounces of silver it was sold for over $3000.

My question was how could everyone at the auction made the same mistake? This is the exception to the rule that if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it must be a duck. Just because a piece may look like plate and be with several other pieces that are plate it doesn't mean it is plate.

Often I have found that the sterling mark is almost invisible to the eye and when the piece is heavily tarnished it makes it even harder to find the marks. This means that when working with silver pieces it may be wise to take a little extra time in your examination to be sure that you make the right decision about whether it is sterling or plate.

Picking up a sterling fork or spoon for $1 or a broken candle stick can prove very profitable and I suggest that you find a box to throw these pieces in and when the box is full take it to the silver buyer and get ready to be surprised at the check you receive.

All silver isn't marked and because of this you should always have your tester with you. To us time is money and passing by sterling like the candlestick I talked about earlier can mean all the difference in your totals at the end of the month. If you pass by great buys on silver, you may have a month where you work for minimum wage, however, if you had purchased the candlestick it would have been a great month and you would have discovered a treasure that others had passed on.

Thinking you know something without taking the time to be sure can be costly so my advice is to slow down.

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Harvey Joiner – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Time to advertise


Harvey Joiner

Even when times are tough if you have customers for certain items there is money to be made. Over the years I have developed relationships with collectors for art and pottery and I make it my business to help these collectors by finding several items each year to enhance their collections. The best way to find what you want to buy for collectors is having many people searching for items that fill your customers' needs.

It is easy to ask a person if they have anything for sale but how often do you say to them “I am looking to buy so and so?” Planting the idea in a person's head that they can make good money by finding what you're looking for will pay big dividends.

That is why today I am asking all my readers to keep an eye out for Harvey Joiner paintings because I am in a buying mood for Joiners and will pay handsomely for any you find. By the way I wouldn't turn down a Carl Brenner or a Patty Thum either. These artists take me back to my Kentucky roots, plus I am fortunate to know most of the collectors for these paintings who are looking to buy.

Helping someone put together a historic collection of paintings will bring you almost as much enjoyment as the collector gets by putting it together. Here is the best part. He spends money while you're making money and both of you are happy. Over a few years I have sold approximately 15 paintings by Joiner to one collector and I have no doubt that he is in the market for many more.

Why should most of your time be spent searching for treasures that you don't have customers for when by getting a list of people searching for particular items your turnover will be almost immediate. Here is the second reason to focus. People will begin to assocate you with paintings for example and your reputation as the painting guy will spread for and wide. This is when the pickers will begin to look you up knowing they can sell their findings to you quickly.

We don't want to carry large inventories and the turnover of our merchandise is where we make our real money. The compounding effect of our turnover will get us over the top in the journey to success.

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House Sale – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Something new

About the time I think I have seen it all something new comes along. This time it is called the "invited house sale" and I was introduced to one yesterday. I received a call from a wonderful lady named Claudia that I had met previously and she asked if I would be interested in looking at a house full of antiques and collectibles. How long do you think it took me to say yes?

At the house there were no signs and only a few cars were on the street.I knocked on the door and Claudia answered and invited me into this large stately home. I was the only person shopping so I could look at the items for sale at a leisurely pace and there was no pressure.. Unfortunately there wasn't much there that interested me but a china set did quicken my interest. I asked the price and it was a little more than I wanted to pay but still I left a bid.

For dealers looking for high value items, this may be the trend in the future for conducted house sales. The seller keeps their privacy and the buyer isn't rushed to make decisions that they will latter regret. This seems to be a win-win situation and I believe it will catch on. The conductor of the sale is paid for the hours worked plus a percentage of the proceeds.

This may be something you would entertain doing yourself. There is no time spent pricing items and the buyer has the complete attention of the sales conductor. Another advantage to this type of sale is that it can be run throughout the week and doesn't have to be only on weekends. Here is what I like most. The seller doesn't waste your time and when you're called the conductor will tell you the items that may interest you. By the seller doing the call, you don't go on wild goose chases and this conserves your time.

Tell me how you like this type of sale.












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