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This morning I will be working with a wonderful couple to prepare for their house sale. You may ask why would you be doing that and the answer is a simple one. They can't do it themselves. They need help because if they use a house sale company all the money from the sale would go to pay expenses.

This is a win win situation because by helping this couple they have allowed me to purchase a few items myself at fair prices to make it worth my while but I will be pricing the sale and working for them the weekend of the sale for free. This will allow them to get rid of the remainder of the items they wish to sell before moving to their new location and to keep most of the money the sale brings in.

Today if you hire someone to do a house sale the cost usually is a fee for advertising plus a minimum of $1500 or 40% of the proceeds of the sale. For the seller this only make sense if the sale brings in $50,000 or more and few house sales do that. Let me give you an example. Let’s say a sale brings in $10,000 and the advertising fee is $500. If the sales company gets 40% or $4000 and there is $500 for advertising the seller receives $5500, not too bad but that amount probably won't pay their moving expense. But if you can help them and not charge for the help that total would have be $9500, plus you would have profited by the purchase you made at fair prices.

Here is where it gets really bad. Let’s say the sale only brings in $5000 or less. The $500 for ads and $2000 for the fee means the seller receives just $2500 and their possessions are gone for very little in return. You guessed it all the items worth buying are gone and they are left with the rest of the items they wished to sell but now what do they do with them? The worst situation is if the sale only brings in $1500, the sales company gets that money and the seller is out of pocket $500 for the advertising.

No I am not against house sale companies but they don't need to be used unless it makes sense for the seller when the total of the sale is large enough and then it can because they do have followers that come to the sales that they conduct, but most of those are dealers looking for a good deal for resale.

This is just a suggestion when you're askd “What do I do with all this stuff when I move?” that gives you a chance to be a good Samaritan.


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Yellowstone National Park – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Go West Young Man


Yellowstone - Thanks to

The kids are out of school and the planning starts for the summer vacation but where to go is the question. Disneyland is a possibility but for my money I would rather head west. Seeing Old Faithful or Buffalos roaming free might be our last chance to see America as it was 100 years ago.

However, if taking a trip out west this year isn't in your plans, why not look for collectibles from Yellowstone that may pay for your trip there next year. Freedom from the sprawl of the city will awaken senses that you had forgotten you had. Going out west should be a trip that people take at least every 10 years just to keep them balanced. Walking through the 1000's of acres of western wilderness will make the time melt away and after your vacation is finished you will ask where the time went.

Here is just a short list of items that bear the Yellowstone labels: Thomas Moran Yellowstone Northern Pacific RR poster $2000, 2010 America the Beautiful Yellowstone silver coin $385, Oil painting of Yellowstone $400, Rare old license plate topper $310, Pocket advertising mirror $200, 1921 vintage banner $135 and last a Yellowstone Park souvenir metal $135. All of these and many others could be found at the next garage sale you attend. When you buy travel souvenirs it plants the seed for your future trip there and can also put money in your pocket.

Whenever you travel in the west try to imagine how it was when the settlers and Indians roamed freely over these plains and mountains. You will even be able to see the stars and the sky seems to be larger than life. Take a break and enjoy what God has provided for us. Its beauty is all free for the taking. Watching elk, deer, beaver and bear in their natural habitat will allow a freedom from your everyday life that will rejuvenate that spirit inside that many have forgotten they had.

God Bless America.

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Michelle and Barack Obama – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Update


Obama Update - Thanks to

It has been 2 ½ years since I wrote a blog stating that Barack Obama memorabilia would be equal in value to that of Washington's and Lincoln's some day but how has that played out at this point? It seems that the recession has taken its toll on almost everything including the collecting world and Obama's collectibles have had a dramatic drop in value.

Do I believe that Obama's place in history has changed? To that my answer is "no". Over the next 50 years, the election of this country's first black president will take its place next to some of the most historic events ever in this country's history. Yes, the prices of his posters on hope and his books such as “ Dreams of My Father ” have dropped by more than half from 2 years ago but to the collector this is good news because their values will rise again. It is for that reason I would be looking for the Obama memorabilia even that much more because at these lower prices bargains can be had.

The biggest surprise to me is the lack of interest in Michelle Obama's collectibles. With the press telling us that she is the greatest thing since apple pie, the public seems to have very little interest in her or the things that carry her name. This seems to prove that the wife of the president isn't equal to him as far as history is concerned no matter what the press says.

The killing of Osama bin Laden during the Obama's administration will seal the President's place in history and ensure that his collectibles will command huge prices in the future. I did say two years ago that it takes time for historic memorabilia to escalate in price and because of this recession Obama's may have to wait awhile before reaching the heights that it will have some day.

Obama's posters, books and signed photos should be on your list to purchase because even on eBay there are items listed today that should return you profits that would meet our rule of doubling our money. Remember we don't stop buying items just because their values drop, we just adjust our prices to the current markets.

Stay tuned because the story on Obama is just half written and the ups and downs will continue for years to come. Even though I disagree with almost everything he believes in, his chapters in history will have their place.

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Outboard Motors – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – The small size


Outboard Motors - Thanks to

My blog was made easy today because of this email I received from Vicki. I just love stories where something that is being sold sells for many times what the estimate of the seller was. Reading this email makes me want to get the old boat out of the garage or storage and take a ride around the lake.

Hi Mr. Lambert,

I am selling these two old 1950's outboard motors for hobby boats - (toy motors) for an older gentleman that consigned them to me.

They are reaching astounding prices, as when I had first researched them I found the Mercury sold at $300 and the Oliver for only $28!

Well, I am certainly glad I didn't do a "buy it now" option. I had no idea they would go this high!

Thought it might make a good blog - hobbyist, collectors I guess are pretty serious about what they are looking for!

Best Wishes, Vicki .

The Oliver Motor 1950's Oliver hobby outboard motor ,K&O-w/box&papers! - eBay (item 220792639210 end time Jun-07-11 16:33:39 PDT)

The Mercury Motor -    1950's Mercury Mark 78-E hobby Boat motor - w/box&papers - eBay (item 220792635202 end time Jun-07-11 16:18:32 PDT)

Big money can come in small packages wouldn't you say?
Please send me your stories of success so that other members can be encouraged by them.

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Year Books – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Who's Who?


Year Books - Thanks to

It's that time of year again and students are preparing for their summer fun but it is also a time where money can be made by the knowledgeable antique dealer. One of the last things students do before leaving school for the summer is receive their year books and have their friends sign them. Year books are pieces of history that should be preserved and collectors are searching for one signed by people that have become famous.

It is no surprise for me to find several year books in garage sales or second hand stores and I always thumb through them to see if I recognize any of the signatures. Also certain schools command high prices for their year books just because of which they are. Harvard, Yale and Princeton are examples of schools that people are looking for and willing to pay big money for their annuals.

Here are just a few year books that should make your mouth water: Michael Jordan 75 1st Year Book signed $23,000, Brown University 1865 Civil War $19,000, Lebron James high school books $10,000, Kobe Bryant 8th grade Year Book signed $10,000, 1925 Notre Dame signed annual “ the four horsemen.” $6500, Buddy Holly signed annual $6500 and Marilyn Monroe Year Book first photo 1942 $2000.

Now that is what I would call serious money and history is being preserved. Look for those old year books for there may be a treasure there.

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