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Dreams With no Action - Thanks to

It may be time for some of our members to re-read my book 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles. Over the last several months I have talked to a few members that are starting over on the journey to reach the 31 Steps to success but in the meantime, because of the economy, they have had to use the money that had accumulated in their business account to pay bills. This breaks one of the most important rules that they agreed to when they began their business plan.

I can relate to anyone's situation when there isn't enough money to keep up with expenses, but by raiding your business account you only make it more difficult to become debt free. Going back to the start of the journey that we agreed to and setting aside $100 or less that we wouldn't touch until the goal had been achieved is the basis for our entire plan. There is a story in my book about my friend Mitch who started over but without my help because I pledged to help him as long as he helped himself but no longer. It seems that he decided to go a different route to success and I wished him the best.

Without the compounding of a small amount of money, any person who enters the antique and collectible markets can only achieve a certain amount of success. Yes they will get a little help in paying their monthly bills but soon having no money to work with they will become very dissatisfied and they will not be willing to work on the knowledge base that is required for success as a member of our club. Life is a series of choices and no one can make yours for you but they can tell you what bad choices will result in.

For those that have followed the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club from the beginning, I took $100 and followed the steps recommended in the guide book for 6 months and within that time period I documented each purchase and sale. At the end of those 6 months, my account was $7500 or 15,000 % gain. However, if I had taken that money to pay bills at that point, I would have made no gains at all because I would have been starting over.

It would be very encouraging to the other members if one of you that have stayed the course and is well on the way to success using our system would share with the rest of the members how rewarding that has been for you.

Dreams are just that, dreams and without action they will stay that way but dreams with action make it possible for anything to be achieved.

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Historical China – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Blue is great


Historical China - Thanks to

There seems to always be opportunities in the antique and collectible business but often we overlook some great buys because they don't appeal to us. One of my least favorite items to buy is transfer ware. This can come in all colors but the favorite of most collectors is when blue is used to imitate flow blue patterns.

Yesterday a lady sent me an email wanting to sell a collection of historical china. It contained platters, plates, coffee pots, tea pots, milk jugs, wash basins and one waste bowl. It will take me some time to evaluate this collection but I can guarantee you it will come to some serious money.

You often will find historical china that features locations in history and also famous people such as Washington and Franklin. There seems to be an active group of collectors for the transfer ware and the prices can range from a few dollars to thousands. There are several guide books listed on Amazon for transfer ware and they can be purchased used for very little money.

To give you an idea as to value, there is a green foot bowl listed on eBay for $6500 and a blue platter for $1100. I have seen pieces of this historical china sell for over $20,000 or more. However it is important that you know the companies that produced these wares because today there are many new pieces or fakes on the market.

Often the blue transfer ware items can be found at garage sales or second hand shops for just a few dollars and then sold at auction for many times their purchase price. The English transfer ware is often marked and then has an impressed mark also. I have found many pieces from the 18th century and even though I never really wanted to keep them for myself, they did sell when other items weren't.

If you run across platters or other items bearing images of historic places or people, they should be checked out to see if a treasure has been found.

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Roman Bronze Works – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Good as gold


Remington Bronze - Thanks to

Over the last several years I have looked at hundreds of bronze sculptures and found that most are reproductions, or re-casts as they are known today. Roman Bronze Works, one of the best known foundries, was created in 1897 and originals by them command huge money. However, in 1988 there was a sale of molds of Frederic Remington and Charles Russell's works by this company and today there are thousands of these reproductions.

About 20 years ago I found a small bronze marked Roman Bronze Works and the location of the foundry marked on it. At first I was sure that it was a reproduction but after much research there was no doubt that it was real and not a new casting. Boy do I wish I had that bronze today because at the time $5000 seemed like a lot, but today that sculpture would fetch $25,000 or more. Time can make you feel like a fool but it all depends on what you were able to accomplish with the money you received and I will have to say that over the 20 years since I sold that bronze, the $5000 has made me many times more than the difference from what I would have made at today's price.

Don't assume that each sculpture you run across is a recast but be sure to do your research before putting out much money. Most re-casts today will only bring a few hundred dollars while the real things can bring hundreds of thousands. I have two French sculptures that I am researching now and I have every reason to believe they are the real things. They aren't ones that will make me rich but each should sell for $3500 to $5000. This isn't bad considering they were purchased for under $200.

I missed a real Remington of a cowboy's head several years ago by telling the house sale conductor that I would research it and be back. Yes you guessed it. Upon returning to the sale it was gone, just another few thousand dollars out of my pocket. If my memory serves me correct the cowboy was priced at $500. I could have handled it differently by asking the seller to hold it for an hour but I didn't. On 9/30/2009 that little cowboy's head sold at Sotheby's for $34,380. Live and learn I always say.

These real bronzes show up even in second hand shops and garage sales so never pass one by without giving it the once over. There are many books on Amazon on bronzes and it may prove to be a smart move to buy several of them.

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Navy Seals – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Let freedom ring


United States Navy Seals - Thanks to

It is time to honor those who have kept us free, the United States military men and women. This year the Navy Seals need to have extra attention directed toward them after taking out Osama Bin Laden.

The Seals were formed under the command of John F. Kennedy in 1961 and have served in every military action this country has been involved in since. The training the Seals endure eliminates 80% of all that begin the training, leaving only the best of the best to serve in this capacity. These units are equipped to take action in the air, on land or in the sea. Being able to spend days or even weeks behind enemy lines without being detected allows the Seals to complete missions that other soldiers couldn't complete. These select units are used in rescue as well as combat and many a captured military person has been happy to see their faces as they were rescued from the enemy.

Being a rather new component of the military, the Seals' memorabilia will be limited, but anything you find bearing their name will command higher prices than most military items today. The range of items to search for include toy figures, posters, actual equipment and photographs. Most young children play Army and I can say that it was one of my favorite activities as a young child but there weren't Navy Seals to pretend to be back then. If I were a child today, guess what? Nothing could keep me from being a pretend Seal.

This Memorial day weekend should be one of reflection on the ones that have given it all for our freedom. All other activities should come second to this time that has been set aside to honor our men and women in uniform.

GOD BLESS AMERICA (now and forever).

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iPhone – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Where have I been?



Welcome to the modern world was the message I received from one of our members named Gary. He ask if I had an iPhone and my answer was "Yes I have had one for over a year." “Do you ever use it for research?" was his next question and I had to admit that caught me off guard because I hadn't.

Gary then proceeded to tell me about the golf putter he had just purchased for $3 at the last garage sale he and his wife visited. It seems that in the back of a garage was this golf bag full of clubs marked $3 each. After going through them, the only one that caught his eye was a putter and his wife suggested that he could find its value on the iPhone in his pocket. They had already left the sale but putting the particular putter on eBay they found the very same one sold for $50. You guessed it. Back to the sale they went and the purchase was made. Ring the cash register. What if that had been a Tiffany vase priced at $1000 that you found on your phone was worth $15,000? Could that make your day?

How many times have I gone home to research an item only to return and find it was sold? This should have never happened because I have had that information with me for over a year. I felt so foolish yesterday because even on paintings I would return home to search for their value while I had that information right there in my pocket on AskArt.

Yes the iPhone is expensive and I wouldn't suggest it for all our members unless they have completed several steps in their journey to success, but you can bet that someday this will be your traveling pocket guide. Just having a little fun there. Christmas isn't far away and this may be the perfect present so be sure to put it on Santa's list.

To be successful it is important that you take advantage of every opportunity to be ahead of the pack and having an iPhone should definitely help in purchasing more items.

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