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Seldom will we find a person that commands the attention of people in two types of sports at the same time, but Danica Patrick is one of those who can. In the racing world the Indy 500 and NASCAR are the premiere races that people follow and Danica is a star in both. Yes, in her GoDaddy car today she more than likely won't win the Indy 500, but that doesn't matter to her adoring fans.

Now is the time to purchase items that pertain to Danica's career because she hasn't proven herself to be a winner yet so these items can be purchased reasonably. That will all change if she wins a major race like the one today. Her collectibles would sky rocket in just one day to prices that would make them treasures.

Being the GoDaddy girl isn't hurting her career either and she is commanding more attention than any other driver whether in the Indy series or NASCAR. By the way did you know that Mark Martin, my wife Vickie's favorite race driver, is in the GoDaddy car? See the difference. Everyone knows Danica from GoDaddy but I would say few recognize Martin in the same way. But to be honest if you saw their pictures together I am sure you could figure out why this is true.

Here are a few items that are on eBay now: Race worn jersey $2000, Gold 1/24 car size $1000, Framed photo signed $500, Signed full sized standup $350, Used race tire signed $250 and a signed helmet $175. This may be a bargain.

Items that I would wish to purchase are things from her past like school books with her signature in them, first driver's licenses, old photos and any private car that she has owned. These in the future could be where the big money will be found. Do some digging and you may come up with items like the ones I mentioned above.

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Patek Philippe – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Will it happen to you?


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Often the name means everything when it comes to finding treasure and here is an example of what I mean. You may say a watch is a watch but I can tell you if it says Patek Philippe on it you have found a treasure. These watches most likely won't be found at auctions or houses sales at prices you can afford, but at garage sales many of them are found by the keen eyed treasure hunters each year.

I once knew a gentleman who followed the garage sales routes each weekend and made a fairly good income by doing it. Yes he worked from Thursday through Sunday but by noon his work was over. He shared a story of his adventures of digging through other peoples junk where he often finds the gold nugget that others had missed.

It seems that he visited one home and the contents that were being offered were less than even garage sale merchandise if you know what I mean. But never being the pessimist, he plowed through stack after stack and box after box of worthless items. On one shelf up high was a cigar box and he questioned if it would even be worth it to reach that high to pull the box down. Fortunately he followed his instincts and took the chance of pulling the entire shelving over on himself as he reached for the box.

The cigar box was crammed full of ball point pens, paper clips, rubber bands and other assorted junk of little value but it also contained a leather box that seemed as if it had been tossed around for many years. Figuring that the box might have a pen or pencil in it, he opened the box very casually all the time wondering how he was going to get the cigar box back on top of the shelf where he found it.

These were his very words “Holy Cow it's a Patek.” Yes he had hit the jackpot and for $5.00 for the whole box it was time to head home to see what the watch was worth. It didn't take him long to realize that the 22 karat gold Patek Philippe watch would be headed to auction as fast as he could get it there. Ultimately the watch sold for over $50,000. Seems like a fairy tale doesn't it?

If you would like to have your mouth water just go to eBay and type in Patek Philippe and feast your eyes on the treasures that are offered there. Even this would be nothing compared to Patek items sold at the high end auction houses.

Going the extra step in your search can produce fairy tales for you but only if there isn't anywhere you won't go or anything you won't do to find to find them.

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Vintage Games – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog - Formerly known as Parlor (Parlour) Games


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“The weather outside is frightful and the fire so delightful”. My question to you is where do those words come from? Yes, it is a song, but as I sat at the computer this morning looking out my window I couldn't help myself. I just kept singing that song over and over.

What to do on days like this has been the question asked by people over the ages but the answer has changed many times over the years. Today we head for the television or computer but in my early life, the family would gather around the radio or played Parlor Games, as they were called then. I am sure you see where I'm going with this blog. No matter what era you are talking about the collectibles that came from that time period are worth more today than they cost when purchased.

What are the games you grew up playing? For me it was checkers, chess, Monopoly and Scrabble. For the wealthier people, it may have been mah-jong or backgammon, but we all had our games to play when it wasn't fit to be outside. My children played games like war or Scrabble and at other times games like Clue. These vintage games have become quite collectible as I found out by selling a Bakelite mah-jong set for over $600.

Today at garage sales, you may find 10 to 15 of the vintage parlor games bound in string because there doesn't seem to be much interest in playing them now when our children are glaring at the hand held games that hold all their attention. But to the collector, the old games are still the apple of their eye and they are willing to pay big bucks to keep them out of the trash barrel.

Let's check my old standby eBay to see the prices on games: Antique Mah-Jong set $9000, Bone Chess set $3000, Gucci Backgammon set $1600, Monopoly wartime set $400, Daniel Boone Trailer Blazer game $375 and a 1950's Scrabble set $300.

Not bad money and a great way to spend a frightful day with your friends and family. You should try it.

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San Francisco Earthquake – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – America tragedies


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Even though we haven't had a World War on our shores, we have had our share of tragedies. The first of the tragedies I remember studying , not including wars, was the Great San Francisco Earthquake. Most people are still expecting even an larger quake in California, but at 7.9 on the Richter scale how much larger could it be?

The next event that comes to my mind that I studied was The Great Chicago Fire and even songs and poems have been written about it. In Chicago there is a tour devoted to that great fire. People seem to want records of the tragedies the country has suffered because it help them prepare for the next one.

9-11 will be studied in our schools for years to come and our children and grandchildren will be telling their children about this horrible event that took so many live and stopped America in its tracks for awhile. The history of tragedies becomes almost over whelming but it does show how in these times the citizens of America come together to heal. They also take action to rebuild the greatest country on earth.

Here is where you can preserve our history by keeping an eye out for items that display these tragic events by first finding them and then selling them to collectors to be preserved. Items of interest come in numerous forms such as newspaper articles, photographs, letters, artifacts of the event, minted coins and books written by eyewitnesses. By searching for items pertaining to the greatest tragedies that have befallen this country, you will become a student of our history and be more appreciative of it. Also your financial rewards will be something that helps you along your journey to success.

Auction records and eBay are the two best places for finding prices on items that pertain to these events and even guides like Kovel's will have sections on them. It is time that we learn about people that stood up to adversities in this great nation to make it even greater than it was before tragedy struck.

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Pass It On – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Thanks

About the time I think I have heard it all, something new comes around the corner. For months now I have been encouraging the members of the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club to send in their stories so that they could be put in a blog. This week I received an email that could bring in big bucks for you.

It seems that this gentleman, who shall remain nameless, was having a very difficult time buying gold. He had chosen to build his business primarily around gold but the more he asked if anyone had gold for sale the more no's he received. Finally in a last attempt he decided that the problem was that most people didn't really realize what the price of gold had done.

This is almost ingenious. He took a small plastic bag and put perhaps one ounce of assorted gold in it. At his next stop on the garage sale tour he pulled the bag out and showed it to the person doing the sale and said “Would you believe I just paid someone $1000 for these broken pieces of gold?" Over the rest of that afternoon by repeating this simple practice he was able to buy $6000 worth of gold.

Thinking different than others will reap great rewards so use that wonderful gift that God has given you, your brain. If it isn't working, fix it. In the past, one method that I have used to get into houses is to ask if they have any item that they would like to have appraised free. Most people have inherited or purchased an item that they think could be valuable but don't know how to find its value so they usually say “sure come on in.” People seem to like anything free and in this case it is no different. Getting into houses will perhaps be the key to your success or failure in the antique and collectible business.

If you have little tricks that have proven successful for you please pass them on. The thinking of thousands will always be better than that of just one person. Hearing stories of others' success may help you develop a new way of doing your business and then you can pass it on to others.

I am hoping to write a small book of stories that I have received from members that will be part of the Club's mailing to members. It is my thought that reading one story and then not hearing another one for weeks isn't enough. We need to have a place to go when it seems things are going slow in our business for encouragement and this little book might just hit the spot during those times. Give me your thoughts.

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