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Summer is almost here and it will be time to hit the road. With the dollar so low and gas so high you may need a little extra cash to see you through your travels. One way to get that cash may be to find vintage travel posters. Some of these posters are selling higher than original art work today.

Posters have been used for over 200 years for advertising but only since the late 1800's have they really come into their own. Now the collectors are buying these wonderful and colorful posters as reminders of their travels. Cecil, our friend from Kentucky, has a whole closet full of these wonderful posters and I keep asking him when they will be put up for sale. His answer is always the same "some day". With some of his posters having sold for over $12,000, I don't know what he is waiting for unless he might think he would waste the money.

Posters may be one way to reach your goal to get to the top of the mountain. Yes there are posters selling for 100s of thousands but even if you don't find one of those there are ones that sell for 10s of thousands and those can put a broad smile on your face when you find one. It seems that some of the greatest artists in the world were commissioned to design these travel posters and they have become real treasures. Always be on your guard for reproductions because they are a fact of life in the poster world but there are books such as Tony Fusio's guide “Posters: Identification and price guide" on eBay for 99 cents used to help you recognize them.

These travel posters can be found in the strangest places such as secondhand shops or boxes tucked away at a garage sale but you must get your hands dirty to find them. One of the best posters I ever found was in an attic still in its tube. The great thing about finding posters is that they are usually in almost mint condition because they were never used.

If you have doubts about the value of vintage posters go to eBay and see for yourself. Look at both listed and completed records and you should agree these pieces of paper are worth their weight in gold.

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Reel to Reel – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Remember those words


Reel to Reel - Thanks to

What one man sees as junk another man sees as treasure. I have to admit when on the hunt and I see that old tape recorder I just keep on walking but is that a mistake? I will let you be the judge after reading this blog.

It seems that reel to reel tape recorders from the 30's had problems with distortions but that problem was solved by Nazi engineers in the 40's recording speeches for Hitler. This soon changed the way recordings were done for radio because there wasn't a time limit now for recordings and the tapes were able to be edited. This was perfect for radio and the sound was so pure it made you feel that you were in the audience.

Yes the cassette did replace most of the reel to reel but at a price. The purist still will settle for nothing less than the reel to reel tape deck. This is why the vintage machines can bring some serious money still today. Here are just a few examples: Vintage RCA Rt-21 recorder and Preamp $2000, Ampex 354 recorder and Preamp $1300, Studer B67/B67 recorder $1200, Teac tape machine $500 and the Revox A 77 recorder $500. These prices aren't bad for items that people will almost give you for free.

But why are you telling us about recorders at this particular time must be the question you're asking. Here is the reason. Yesterday at a small group meeting, my friends had a little party for me and something happened to make me aware that these items still had value. It seemed that one of my friends was constantly looking at his phone, so being curious I asked what was happening. He told me there were 10 of his auctions going off on eBay and he was watching them. I had no idea the friend was interested in eBay so I asked what he was selling. "Just reel to reel tapes of music" was his answer. Not being able to leave the conversation there, I asked what they usually brought. His answer set me back a little. The last group sold for over $1200 and included only 10 tapes. It seems that he has tapes of music including albums from the Beatles and just one tape he sold brought over $600. As I watched, one auction for a tape jumped from $30 to well over $100 in the last 15 seconds. So you can see that not only the tape decks but those boxes of tapes sitting beside them in the garage or basement can bring good money also.

Have I been making mistakes? Yes the verdict is in, I have been making whoopers. Don't you do the same as I have and please take note of those old ugly machines that no one wants.

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My Birthday – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Birthday wishes

Well it's that day again and I hope it isn't the day the world ends as the television says. But I do have wishes on this day and I hope some of them come true.

First I wish that all the members of the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club are able to reach their goals for success this year as they complete each of their 31 Steps to success. Second it is my hope that someone will step forward with the technical skills to help develop our site into what it can be and third that I will be able to continue sharing with our members information that will be helpful to them.

Even though last year may have been difficult for many, the knowledge you gained over the year will move you to the top of the class as these markets change. This isn't going to be a year for our members to sit back and complain but one to strike out even harder in search of those treasures that are meant to be found by them. Those that have chosen to join the club will not want to run with the pack but they will follow their own course to success.

Over the last months I have seen a dramatic shift in the antiques and collectibles markets and my personal sales have began to shift into high gear. I just sold the Daum vase for $3000, the silver dollars for $5300 and it looks as if my largest sale is right around the corner, that being a painting for $25,000. I am not the only one experiencing this success as I heard from a member in South Carolina who just turned a couple of hundred dollars into $9000 in a very short time. He is sending me the transaction on these trades and I will share them with you later. By the way, I received an email about two oyster plates from a member and it proved to be very important for him because I was able to find where two plates just like his sold at the Heritage Auction for $675.

Communication will be the main factor in our success as a group so this year it is my hope that members will continue to send emails so that they can be displayed in blogs to help all our members.

By the way 70 isn't all that bad and now I can set my sights on 80.

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Baseball – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – There are still bargains


Vintage Baseball Mitt - Thanks to

When it comes to baseball memorabilia, most dealers think that they will never find a piece that the baseball collectors haven't found. The problem with this thinking is it is entirely false. Yes you may not find a 1952 Mickey Mantle card worth $20,000 or a jersey worn by Ty Cobb that would bring over $100,000 but there are still items for you.

At the next garage sale you attend be sure to check the basement or garage for old baseball gloves and you may well find some. Most of the old gloves that I have bought usually run less than $5. Why is this important you may ask and here is the answer. If there happens to be a vintage Rawlings Mickey Mantle MMF it will sell for over $600 and a vintage MacGregor Goldsmith 3 finger glove will put $500 in your pocket. Just to show you these aren't the only ones out there how about the Pee Wee Reese 5 finger for $500 or an early Spalding glove selling for $325? Yes there are game used gloves that were owned by famous players that will bring 5 or 6 figures but $5 to $500 is okay by me.

Baseball bats also can bring you a surprise like a Spalding Joe Dugan for $566 or the Pontiac Tuning Co. bat for $383. Of course anything with Yogi Berra's name on it will sell like the bat by Adirondack at $200. No these aren't bats that won the World Series but like the glove I am happy to find them.

Here is the great thing about gloves and bats. They are expected to have been played with so the condition doesn't have to be mint to bring good money.

Over the years I haven't hesitated to share my faith with the readers but today I want to share something with you that my wife Vickie sent in an email. I hope you like it as much as I did. This is something that you should definitely pass on.>

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European Art – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Is it the best value?


European Watercolor - Thanks to

All my life I have heard the slogan Buy American, but is that necessarily wise today? If you are thinking about buying middle or lower end American paintings, in my opinion it will be very hard for you to make money. Lower end American paintings aren't even getting bids on eBay and mid range paintings at auction I am finding, won't bring what it takes to buy them after the large commissions the auction houses are taking.

So where does that leave us who truly love art? Yes, the higher end works are still doing okay and even in some case better than that, but you can't invest all your money in one painting and if you did most of us have a limited amount of money available for purchasing. So at the present time the American markets may not be our best bet. But how about the European art markets? They seem to be busting out and, with the cheap dollar, Europeans can get a huge bang for their buck in paintings from their countries purchased here in America.

Here is an example that of something I did just this week at Direct Auctions here in Chicago. Doing the preview of the auction on Monday, I spotted a great little watercolor by the English artist Benjamin William Leader, who lived in London from 1831-1923. This was a very nice painting, but I figured there wouldn't be too many people interested because information on foreign artists is a little more difficult to obtain than on American artists. But we don't mind the extra work do we?

After doing my research and finding that his oil paintings sold for over $150,000 and watercolors for $3000, I decided to leave a bid of $325 for the painting. Sure enough when I called Direct, I was told that the painting was mine for $275. I am sure that even on eBay, because the foreign buyers watch for paintings listed there from the country where they live, it should bring at least $1500. Another great way to sell foreign paintings is to put them in a Shannon's auction that caters to the foreign markets. Here is the great thing about buying this particular painting. I didn't have to spend a fortune to make a nice profit.

At Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club, we have the records for most foreign artists so we will provide information on your paintings if you will send us a picture with the size and type of the painting and the artist's name. This is one way that your club can really benefit you.

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