New Generation

It is so great to be back blogging. I wondered after 2 months what I would write about on the first blog back but my son Josh gave me my answer.


It seems that about 2 weeks ago he decided that, after joining the Civil Air Patrol, he would like to collect items from CAP. I asked him how he was going to pay for the items and he got this strange look on his face like, "You're going to pay for them, right?" After I informed him he was going to have to earn the money, he walked off. The very next morning he woke me and said "Dad, let's go garage saleing so I can make some money. Since it was 5 in the morning I have to admit that caught me off guard but after I cleared my head off we went.


Josh went to his piggy bank and took out $420 that he had saved and I could tell this was hard for him to do. We drove around stopping at every sale we could find but the pickings were slim. I will list our purchases that totaled $48.00 for the first week and over the next weeks I will share with you the success or failure that Josh accomplishes. Here are his first purchases: vintage Polaroid camera $4.00, Two toy cars $1.00, Beanie baby $1.00, woman's purse $3.00, Light box $5.00, World Poker Tour Poker Chip Set $12.00, 4 Watches $14.00, Furby still in the original box $3.00 and 2 joysticks for the computer $5.00. This made his grand total $48.00 for his first purchases.


So far his total return is $20.00 for the Furby and $6.00 for the Joystick. I will be posting his other sales over the next weeks. It looks as if he is off to a great start on his “31 Steps” but we will have to track him for awhile to see how he does.


Working with Josh has reinvigorated me and I hope it will some of you as well. I am still looking to our members for ideas for future blogs.











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