Strange Coins

Don't ever try to figure out what is going to happen when you visit someone's home to give them estimates. What you went to buy may not be what you leave with, as happened to me yesterday.

I have been working with a wonderful lady and her daughter about some items they wished to sell. I fact I really wasn't interested in the items but the daughter goes to my church. After viewing several items such as a Victrola, some tools and a collection of ice skate blades, I suggested they do a sale at their house and let me help.

The woman excused herself for a few minutes and returned with a bag of coins. Looking through them and finding 8 silver dollars, I indicated that I would purchase them for $35 each. They were all well worn which meant that I was buying the silver. In the bag, however, were a few mixed coins that looked like foreign pieces.

When I got home and put the coins in flips, to my surprise two of the coins were commemorative. First was the Colombian Exposition and the second was the Pilgrim coin. Those two coins made my day, not because of their value but because I now have them in my collection.

I believe the lady was stunned when I wrote her a check for $300 but I was also a very happy camper. I believe this visit will produce many new clients for me in the future as the ladies tell the story about selling their coins for that amount of money. I have told you many times that the best advertising is word of mouth.

Josh made another purchase of a Fujica camera with a very expensive lens for $2 and this is his best purchase to date. I will be reporting on its sale soon. When are you going to share your purchases with the rest of us?

Last Updated (Wednesday, 07 September 2011 12:22)