That Camera can be your Newest Treasure

Often older items get thrown into the junk bin because they no longer are the newest and greatest thing, even though they still work perfectly. This happens to cameras as the digital age is upon us and perfectly good, or should I say great, cameras are discarded for inferior ones.

The true photographer is still looking for wonderful older models of the Leica and Nikon cameras to use but also collect. The desires of the purist can't be fulfilled in the new one touch cameras so older cameras can become true treasures

It is almost impossible to make a mistake purchasing cameras at garage sales because most of their owners have long forgotten how to use them or they are part of an inheritance that has to be discarded quickly. Josh, my son, purchased a Fujica AZ-1 for $2 and it had a very expensive lens to add to his bargain. This camera should sell for well over $100 so I would say that is a treasure, wouldn't you?

Often you will find lenses being sold separately and that may be where you can really clean up. Here is a short story that I experienced. I once purchased a camera for a friend for $500 and decided to add a couple of lens to the gift. The total for the two lenses was nearly $2000. Surprise, the lens were more expensive than the body of the camera.

Here is a suggestion when you find cameras being offered at garage sales. Always make a very low first offer because these items are considered worthless by most of the sellers. If there are several being offered, try to buy them as a group. Always include all the attachments in your offer.

Warner Smith and I purchased a large box camera once for about $700 and with all its attachments we received $7500 for it. This story is in my book “31 Steps to your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles.” and stories like this can be yours too so add cameras to your buying list.


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