Antiques and collectibles vs. the stock market

Have you notice that more people are feeling better about their personal situation? I have. Yes, the overall economy is still bleak but if you have a job you're feeling better. In my opinion, the stock market is finally ready to head up and that will prove great for us.

How does this equate to our business of antiques and collectibles? In my opinion, it is very favorable because spending is picking up. This can be seen by the increase in credit card use. I believe once again dealers will be able to ask fair prices for the items and have a reasonable chance of getting it. No longer should they have to feel that giving away your hard worked for inventory has to be priced at ridicule prices for them to sell.

Now is the time to focus on the best of what you're buying with the expectation of selling those items at prices we haven't seen for the last couple of years. Early Doulton figurines that are discontinued and Lladros will be coming back into favor and so will pottery by Grueby, Newcomb and Rookwood. Don't forget about paintings either, like the Harvey Joiner that just sold on eBay for almost $4000. Last year that same painting may have only brought $2500 and the seller would have been glad to get that price.

Our ranks have been depleted by the period of slow sales but that will prove to be great for us because there will be less competition for the items we wish to buy. Five years ago there was an antique dealer or at least it seemed there was for every buyer but with the slow down many of them have sought other employment.

If you are one of those that may not have made your fortune over the last couple of years dealing in antiques, collectibles and art, your time may be coming. I hope that you have used the slow times to acquire the knowledge needed to profit from the good times that are coming.

Last Updated (Friday, 09 September 2011 09:39)