Skate Blades Can Increase Your Bank Account

Who would have ever thought that I would be writing a blog on skate blades, surely not me. However if there is money to be made with them that is what I will share with you. I have been working with a wonderful lady liquidating her mother's estate. I saw two boxes of skate blades in the garage but I took little notice of them.

I did write down the name on one pair of blades that were still new in the box. “John Wilson Gold Seal" was printed on the side of each skate so I just punched in “John Wilson Skates” on eBay and to my surprise there were several pairs that appeared. The most expensive pair were the “John Wilson” Coronation pair of blades listed at $212.50 followed by Pattern Number 99 blades for $189.99. There must be 12 pairs still in their original box that might be bought very reasonably by someone who knows what they're worth. Next there were another 12 pairs of blades that had wooden tops and strapped to your regular boots. I have no idea what their values are but they look really neat.

There is a very important lesson to be learned here. Parts of any item can become real treasures to the person needing them. On “Pawn Stars “I saw where a head of a certain toy could bring several thousand dollars because, if you found the body of the same toy and added it, the completed toy would bring $10,000 or more. This was one of the stretch toys if you're interested.

Finding parts of rare items is like finding the original boxes. If you find them there are always customers looking to buy them. Just a little story about parts. This friend of my bought a book for $1 or $2 but noticed that the dust cover for it had been placed on another book that just sold. He approached the buyer and ask if the dust cover could possible be purchased and the gentleman said "yes for $1000". My friend purchased it and placed it back on the original book that he had purchased and it sold for over $12,000 dollars if my memory serves me right. It was a first edition of Tarzan and very rare.

Our business is to make money and if you continue to gain knowledge over a wide spectrum of items that knowledge will pay off for you on your search.

Last Updated (Saturday, 10 September 2011 05:52)