Gleaning for Antique and Collectibles might be your way to success.

When the the markets are where they are today new strategies may need to be employed. One suggestion is to go to sales on the last day of the sale and try to buy most of what is left at very low prices and that doesn't always mean cheap.


You will find that with a little soap and water or Old English many items can be brought back to their original beauty. Here is a real tip, if you spot a true treasure that has been passed over by the sales goers included it in the group of items that you wish to make an offer on. Since no one else has shown interest in these treasures they may be bought at a fraction of their values.


Here is an example that I have talked about in earlier blogs. I attended a sale where most of the items were over priced but there was one item that I particularly wished to purchase so I went back to that sale after I was sure all the other dealers had been through the sale. Sure enough the item that I wished to purchase was still there and I wished to purchase it but before I made my6 offer I looked at everything that was left.


There were 4 other items that I figured would bring me $2000 which I included in my offer. The prize was a Grueby vase which the owner had put a price of $5000 on. I combined the 5 items and made the offer 0f $3000. This was quickly turned down but they ask if I would pay any more than the $300 and I said yes $3200. This offer was excepted and I couldn't wait to begin selling the item. The 4 items that I figured at $2000 did bring that amount but are you ready for this the vase sold for $13,500 making my return on $15,5000 with a profit of $12,500.


Yes there are often still great deals to be make on the last day of a sale wouldn't you say. Good luck in your hunt but remember there is little luck needed if you have the knowledge.

Last Updated (Monday, 12 September 2011 10:44)