Lalique from early to contemporary.



When looking for treasures to purchase for resale there is nothing more beautiful than Lalique glass. From the early pieces made and designed by Rene Lalique to the more contemporary pieces on the market to day there are avid collectors for this exceptional glass.


Information on Lalique can be found on the Internet and one place is this website You can find many books on Lalique and by visiting Amazon you may be able to purchase used copies of the Lalique books for just a few dollars.


I have purchased many pieces of Lalique over the years and with out exception they have been money makers like the Toad that was purchased for $25 that sold for hundreds. I also have sold Rene vases for thousands when estate sales offered them for hundreds.


The more contemporary pieces must be purchased at well below their retail prices however because you will be fortunate if they sell above 50% of their retail price. The marks on the pieces of Lalique are often difficult to find so when you are searching for the marks on a piece of glass that you suspect of being Lalique be very diligent.


Like most glass the colored pieces usually bring the highest prices so you may be willing to pay a little more for them usually. Frosted finish on glass is a specialty and the early frosted pieces by Rene bring huge prices. I won't list pieces listed on eBay but if you go to the eBay site and search Lalique by the highest prices get ready for a huge surprise.


One Rene Lalique piece can make you more money than 100 average pieces of other items so keep you eye out while on you treasure hunt for the best of the best in glass.

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