Commemorative coins are not know to most but can pay you big if found.

Commemorative coins have been with us since ancient Greece and Roman times and they usually record important events. No nation has surpassed the USA in minting these coins and they have become quite collectible. Coins to commemorate historical events may be produced from of gold, silver or other metals and they are collected by people other than coin collectors.


Coins recording our history are approved by 2 houses of Congress, the Committee of Banking and the Citizen Coin Advisory Committee. The money from the mintage's often pay for monuments or other government cost. I found this site very informative when it comes to commemorative coins


There are hundreds of commemorative coins minted so I will just list a few from the guide book: 1903 Louisiana Purchase [ Thomas Jefferson ] $2900, 1922 Grant Memorial [ Stars in field ] $7250, 1936 Battle of Gettysburg $775 and 1997 Franklin D. Roosevelt $1000. There are many more coins than the noes mentioned and they are all worth buying.


Last week I bought several silver dollars from a lady and with them there appeared to be some foreign coins so I purchased the entire lot. Only later did I realize that 2 of them were commemorative coins the first being Pilgrims and the second one the Columbian expo. I will be keeping these for Joshua.

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