Time for a change

Today I attended a church service where the subject of the sermon was, “ Is it time for a change in your life?” At the end off the service the people were ask if there were thing in their life that needed to end, stand up. Without hesitation I stood up because it seems that the purpose of the project that I started 4 years ago has run its course.


Even though there have been attempts by both myself and staff the participation in the clubs programs seem to have very little support and that might well be my fault but I don't have the answer why that would be. Maybe our out reach just never obtained the necessary exposure our programs needed to be successful even though many hours were spent on our marketplace, affiliate program and associate program. The blog seems to have had success but that isn't enough to keep our programs going.


I will be examining the future of our site over the next few weeks to see if there are viable alternatives that would produce benefits to our members, however if there are none I may chose to go in a different direction where my effects can have more effect on the life of others both financially and spiritually.


I would appreciate any advise that the members might share where the efforts of the club can enhance their futures or be of benefit to others. Please keep these ideas on your pray list and we can count on the Lord giving me as well as our members the best coarse of action in the future.



Last Updated (Sunday, 18 September 2011 14:33)