Great story for you.


All of us recognize the name Faberge, right. But here is the question, would you recognize it if you saw a piece? In most cases we wouldn't unless time had been taken to study the Faberge marks. 

It seems that a lady was scouring the garage sales and spotted a great little box that she thought would be great for her trinkets. The price was $15 which she thought was to much so the offer was made at $12 which was accepted. Taking the box home and noticing that there were some strange marks on the bottom she show it to a friend that said a antique expert should look at it which she did. 

The dealer told the lady it was a beautiful box and she would be glad to pay $50 for it but the lady decide it was worth more than that to her, so she kept it. Many years later a visitor to her home notices the box and ask if she could examine it. Soon the friend said I think that this might be Faberge. 

Now the plot thickens. Taking it to an appraiser its value was placed at $50 to $75 thousand dollars and later sold for almost $250,000. You can see from this story that it would be in your best interest to know the Faberge marks. Here is a little history on Faberge: 

Don't go out unprepared and be sure to take your guide along with you at all times. There are treasures like this one found every day so yours is waiting for you to find it.

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