Is know the time for Antiques and Fine Art?

The stock market is in a down draft and gold is heading out the back door so what are investors to do? While all this has happened have you notice that the good old green back is surging? In my opinion these signal are for an increase in the value of Antiques and Fine Art.

 Here is my reasoning. Antiques and Fine Art have suffered tremendously over the last couple of years while the stock market and gold have soared. Most items that were priced fairly back then now can be purchased for 50% of what they were selling for before last year. This seems to indicate to me that as other forms of investments drop the values of Antiques and Fine Art can only go up because the investor is looking for value and preservation of capital.

 If you have located some great pieces but didn't buy them because of your doubt about where the markets are headed it may be time to revisit them and add those pieces to your inventory. Now isn't the time to have an empty chest to sell from but it should be stocked to the brim with better items. 

Money should begin to flow into our markets so be sure you take advantage of this opportunity. Buy low and sell high will be the slogan of the Antique and Art market in the coming months as more and more people see the value that these markets represent. 

It may well be our turn to step up to the plate and guess what the competition has been reduced because so many dealers have lost heart. But not the members of the “ Daryle Lambert Antiques and Collectibles Club “ we are just starting. Remember this is a long race not a sprint.

Last Updated (Friday, 23 September 2011 07:32)