Little Girls and Their Doll's.


While I was playing baseball and football my little sister was playing with her dolls and how I wish some of those had stayed in the family. It seems that Doll's may be the hottest collectibles in the market today. Whether Doll's are American , French or Germany the collector's are in a frenzy to find the best examples for their collections. 

Recently in Kansas City a Marque Doll sold for $168,000. This Doll was from 1914 and only 22 inches tall which is rather small when it comes to expensive French Doll's. There were 277 lots in the sale and many pieces sold for $5000 - $15,000 to excited buyers. I would suggest that as dealers you include several Doll price guides in you library and these can be purchased used on Amazon. 

While most dealers attending sales hope to find that 1959 Barbie, the real treasure in Doll's may be laying there and getting passed by all those smart dealers that don't recognize the value in other Doll's. The best part of searching for great Dolls is that they don't have to be 200 years old, many Doll's from before 1950 will knock your socks off. 

If a Doll has her original clothing their value may be increase several times so keep this in mind. Also many dealers will pass on very valuable Doll's if they have damage however many dolls are repairable and this can prove to be very profitible to you. 

The old saying little boy's and their toys should be replaced by little girls and their Doll's if you wish to make money.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 27 September 2011 04:22)