What's a Penny Worth?

When I was a little boy they called penny's copper's and believe it or not they were worth something back then. You could buy candy or chewing gum for a penny but today they are given away at stores to make change. 

However the value of penny's once again are worth something as can be seen by the collectors values listed today. Yesterday I checked my collection and discovered that I had 14 penny's dated 1922 D and they all were in good to fine shape. Why is this important you may ask and the answer is the 1922 D penny is now worth $23.50 each according to an article just published the latest Numismatic News magazine. 

Here is the exciting news that I discovered from that article, a 1922 penny without a D is worth from $700 to $160,000 so you may want to check your penny stash. The article was all about penny's from the 20's and how they have been under valued for to many years. 

Do you remember when every house had a jar or can full of penny's, it might be time to see if you can find a few of those jars or cans now. There were 7,160,000 1922 penny's minted but only a few were without the D. This happened when one of the dies used had the D filled so it would appear the penny was a 1922 only. 

As you can see with the coin collecting gaining popularity again there ar3e real treasures to be found and they may come your way at very little cost. I would suggest that all our members tell their friends and family that they are looking to buy coins minted before 1965. 

Those penny's you find might well be your pot of gold.

Last Updated (Thursday, 29 September 2011 08:37)