Antiques and Collectibles no longer have value

Where Is the Value Today ?

When everyone is saying the the Antique and Collectible markets will never recover you should be aware that a new bull markets is fixing to began. I always tell my reader that the trend is their friend and in this case I believe the trend is beginning to turn upward.

The change of direction in markets startsĀ  slowly and then accelerates quickly. The top of the markets are the first to feel the change and it may take quiet a while for the lower end of markets to catch up.

My suggestion to you is started looking for items that a few years ago you would have considered high end like Tiffany, Stueben, Lalique, Galle and Daum glass. The same can be said far Grueby, Newcomb, Rookwood and George Orr pottery. I am finding that often today I can purchase these items for 30% or less then I would have just five years ago. I am no longer afraid to inventory the high end items because I think that values will only go up from here.

I just purchase the Daum vase that I shared with you for $1000 an be assured this vase would have been valued at $3500 or more in past years even though today that was a fair offer.

Putting your money in top end Antiques and Collectibles today is far better than money in the bank and they will start you on your completion of our goad and that is completing the 31 Steps.

I haven't heard from many of you so I have no idea who I am reaching out to but hopefully there are people that are reading the blogs and beginning their change of life.


Last Updated (Tuesday, 01 May 2012 14:02)