GLIDDEN POTTERY VASE Fong Chow Gulfstream Blue Artware Mid Century Teardrop

Glidden Pottery

 I am continually on the lookout for items to buy that others will pass by. Often those items look to modern or cheap so they aren't investigated by the treasure hunter. Glidden pottery falls into the class of items that just don't look expensive.

However you have heard that old saying " Looks can be deceiving." Cecil my friend in Kentucky purchased a Glidden vase for just a few dollars, put it on eBay and watched as its price climb above $200. When you make 10 to 20 times your money on an item that is finding a treasure.

Going to my favorite resource site eBay I found that there are many Glidden items that will meet or exceed our rules for buying. They may not be your taste in pottery but remember we aren't buying for our selves and it seem there are lot of folks that think Glidden is fantastic.

Take a look for yourself and see if there are dollars for you to make by purchasing Glidden?

Last Updated (Thursday, 03 May 2012 12:40)