Roseville Pottery

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Roseville Pottery
Is it headed higher?

In my opinion the better pieces of Roseville are definitely headed higher but they have a long ways to go if they are to reach their peak again. The same can't be said for the lower or medium priced pieces of Roseville and they should be avoided unless purchased for a song.

The Baneda wall pocket pictured above just sold on eBAy for $2024.99 which is approaching the high that I remember.Also patterns such as Sunflower, Falline, Cherry Blossom and Ferella are starting to command prices that they did before the crash. I don't believe this is the time to jump in and purchase very piece of Roseville you see but by being selective there is money to be made with the right pieces. Be slow to move and selective those are the words for today.

Do not forget our goal to purchase items at 25% of what we think their retail value is so that even discounted we will hit our mark of doubling our money.

Last Updated (Friday, 04 May 2012 10:33)