Sterling Silver

British Silver Classic Form Fruit Bowl Vase Birmingham 1925 35.5 Oz

Sterling silver Bowl

It is still happening. Silver selling at below spot price on the open market. I am seeing dealers buying great pieces of sterling at below the spot price and I simply can't understand it.

Just the other day I saw a woman bring in a piece of silver to sell and she let it go for $75 which was about $15 an ounce. I figured the value of this intricate piece at $500 or more. After scratching my head I ask the dealer if he would take $125 for the piece and he said, " Sure." I know that today it is best to turn things you own for a quick profit but not at those discounts, it just doesn't make sense.

So here is my recommendation. Anything that has any character at all that can be purchased for under spot price buy it. 
You can't go wrong.

The piece in the picture is priced at $1600 but only has about $500 plus ounces of silver in it so this would be a definite buy if you had the opportunity. This is like finding money so why turn it away.

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